Finally: The New, Updated Site

After several years, and much consternation, searching for lost data and pictures, and finding most of it, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the new Keith Clan web site. Formerly created and run by the late Larry Keith, we unfortunately lost the “” domain name in our time of grieving and it was snatched up. We are now using

You will notice that the new site is a completely different format. The tools we have today are far advanced of what Larry had to work with in the late 90’s.

Browse around and you will find all the information that was on the old site, but hopefully organized a little better and a bit easier to read.

Laura and I will be rearranging the pages to make it even better now that we have published the site, so you may see changes in the format from time to time.

In the meantime, welcome back and enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Finally: The New, Updated Site

  1. Raymond R. Cline

    I am related to Ruth L. Scott who married Levi A. Cline. Ruth is the daughter of William Liddell Scott and Nancy Keith is her grandmother. I would love and info anyone has on these names.

    Alexander Keith
    Dellie Keith
    Daniel Keith, Sr.
    Elizabeth Liddell
    John Wilson Scott
    William Liddell Scott
    Ruth L. Scott


  2. Brenda

    Elmore Irvin Keith was my granddaughter his dad was Newton j Keith of doing New Mexico married to Anna Belle Keith. My dad is Tony F Keith. Are we related?


  3. C. Lynn Robbins

    Thank you so much for being “out there”! I was thrilled to come across your website. I’m trying to find more family information. The Keith in my family is Amanda Keith who married James John Scott (often going by the name of John) on 12 FEB 1839 at Logan County, Ohio. According to the 1850 US Census, they lived in Washington, Logan County, Ohio.

    In searching your website, I did not see these people listed as having been married on the Logan County, Ohio, page.

    Amanda Keith was born in Wheeling, Ohio County, (West) Virginia, United States. I have no other information regarding her and would greatly appreciate any information which can expand on this little bit that I do know. Their children consist of Harriet Scott, b: 1839; Julia Anna Scott, b: 1849, d: 1924; Ellen Scott, b: 1843; Robert Scott, b: 1845; John Keith Scott, b: 1847, d: 1929 (my ancestor); and James Scott, b: 1848. {“Mother’s Birthplace: Wheeliny, (W.) Virginia.” Source: “Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947,” index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 21 Oct 2014), Amanda Keith in entry for John Keith Scott, 01 Nov 1929; citing Public Board of Health, Archives, Springfield; FHL microfilm 1643621.}


  4. David Smith

    I am about to publish a book on my research into my family origins the Catti. Please may I use the relevant extract from your site?


  5. David Smith

    I believe I have the Catti extract from your previous site I researched that I can send to you to reinstate. I would like to include it in my book on family origins with your permission. Please respond as I am close to deadline and would like to rely upon it.


    1. L Phillips

      Mr. Smith, I do apologize for the delay in answering your request. This site was actively maintained by my dad who passed on in 2009. I have not been able to keep up with any correspondence since that time. I don’t know where dad found those stories of the Catti tribe but of course, have no objection to you using the site page as a reference in any work. I know it may not be helpful now, but just in case for any future need. Best wishes on your endeavors.


  6. Norma Keith Davis

    My grandfather was the son of William Bryant Keith . His name was Robert Buchanan Keith married to Emma Lee McCord


      1. L Keith Phillips

        Well Hello, Gwen, thank you for the comment. I would like to keep your address for future reference for any news about getting the book and other unpublished info online. I visited the supposed homesite area of my forefather, Cornelius Keith, on the border of NC and VA. We found some very old grave markers in the woods – sure wish I knew how to get those identified. There were no names or engravings.


  7. Lynn Keith

    My name is Lynn Elaine Keith, father is Tommy J. Keith, grandfather is Wesley J Keith, great grandfather is Jesse Wesley Keith…my Great grandfather traveled down through Missouri to Arkansas in the Waldron/Scott County Area and also the Danville Area in Arkansas. My grandfather lived in Northern California for numerous years in the Modesto, Ceres, Chowchilla, Madera areas where he was a Primitive Baptist Preacher. My dad married my mom in Modesto and we moved back to Arkansas in early 60’s. Just beginning the search…my Dad’s brother had the DNA test and he was approximately 60% Scottish…Calvinism in the Primitive Baptist Church runs deep in my family on both sides as my great grandfather on my Mother’s Mother side was a famous Primitive Baptist Preacher from the Paris and Scranton areas of Arkansas and migrated to the Malvern area his name was Harl Lee.


  8. Terri Forbes

    Hey. My Parents live in Keithhall Walled Gardens Aberdeenshire (formerly Caskieben, owned by the 9th earl of kintore.
    We in the process of renovating the walled gardens and we are looking for any old pictures that anyone may have of the gardens from early 19th century, any information would be very much appreciated.


    1. Gail Kiltie

      Hello Terri!

      My husband and I want to visit Scotland in August-September 2018 and see if we can learn more about the Keith Clan. I’m trying to find a contact that could help us with some of the Keith History and give us some direction of where to go. This may be a real long shot, but would you have any ideas of where I could find any resources? Someone we can meet with when we get there and maybe email prior to our visit? It would be wonderful to explore on our own with some expert advice. :). My name now is Kiltie but I’m actually a Marshall.


      1. Laura Keith Phillips

        Hi Gail. Please see the Keith Clan USA website here. Look for the Convener’s List to email the convener in your state or email the Organization with a request for help. There used to be a discussion board that was great, but it got taken over by


  9. laurie miller

    Hi Lynn-My name is Laurie Wolff Miller. My father was adopted at birth, so none of my names will mean anything to you. However, his biological mother was Maude Keith from Alabama. I have connected some dots but am always looking for more connections.
    Just wondering if Tuscaloosa, AL is the home of any of your Keiths?




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