Keith Marriages OH-TN

Ohio Marriages

ADAMS CO., OH  (1798 TO 1812)
   Dr. Joseph KEITH m. 27 May 1807 to Sarah BEASLEY.

ALLEN Co., OH  (1832 to 1845)
   Sarah K. KEITH m. Dec 1838 to James FORD.
   Samuel B. KEITH m. Mar 1840 to Sarah BAKER.
   James T. KEITH, Jr m. Aug 1840 to Cath.WILLIAMS.
   Joh KEITH m. 29 Jun 1843 to Catharine JAHOONOVER.
   Mary Ann KEITH m.11 Aug 1843 to Michael BAKER.
   James KEITH m. 2 Oct 1843 to Margaret WILLIAMS.
   William KEITH m. 1 Oct 1844 to Amanda DONNELLS.
   John M. KEITH m. 25 Mar 1845 to Eleanor HILL.

CARROLL CO., OH  (1804 TO 1859)
   Price KEITH (of VA) m. 27 Oct 1836 to Nancy GEARHART.
   Catherine KEITH m 19 Nov1846 to Robert HAWKINS.
   Katherine KEITH m. 22 Apr 1847 to Isaac JOHNSON.
   F. KEITH of Carroll Co. m. 26 Nov 1863 to Jefferson McQUILKIN.

CLERMONT CO., OH  (1801 TO 1869)
   KEITH, Francis m. REDEU, Elizabeth, 17 Nov1831.

   Sarah KEITH m. 17 Apr 1817 to Absalom CRAIG.
   Alexander KEITH m. 5 Sep 1822 to Eliza BALL.
   Thomas H. KEITH m. 4 Oct 1830 to Margaret McBRIDE.
   Sarah KEITH m. 7 Feb 1833 to Homer NICHOLAS.
   Juliana KEITH m. 4 Oct 1832 to Ezra BATTIN.
   Louisa Anne KEITH m. 10 Oct 1833 to William GORE.
   Joseph G. KEITH m. 24 Mar 1836 to Nancy FROST.
   Phebe KEITH m. 2 Oct 1837 to John WRIGHT.
   Albert F. KEITH m. 30 Apr 1846 to Eliza JOHNSON.
   Catherine KEITH of Carroll Co. m. 22 Apr 1847 to Isaac JOHNSON.
   Price KEITH m. 26 Sep 1855 to Elisabeth A. COLSTOCK.
   Harriet KEITH m. 23 Oct 1856 to Job WILSON.
   Charity KEITH m. 13 Nov 1856 to W. K. UNKEFER.
   Melissa KEITH m. 28 Aug 1858 to Robert YATES.
   Sarah KEITH m. 6 Mar 1862 to Joseph T. HESTON.
   Mary Elizabeth KEITH m. 17 Sep 1863 to Jonah BYE.
   F. KEITH of Carroll Co. m. 26 Nov 1863 to Jefferson McQUILKIN.
   Samuel KEITH m. 21 Dec 1865 to Wildey R. BOST.
   Eli KEITH m. 27 Sep 1866 to Ann REEDER.
   Stephen KEITH m. 12 Mar 1868 to A. A. WINDER.
   Josiah KEITH m. 29 Aug 1868 to Rebecca HALDEMAN.
   Henry KEITH m. 3 Feb 1870 to Maggie MARSHALL.

CUYAHOGA CO., OH - Cleveland marriage license applications
   Laura E. KEITH & Harvey J. NEWELL applied 23 Sep 1842
      (sister of Sheldon KEITH)
   Luther C. KEITH & Mary LINDER applied 7 Feb 1842

GEAUGA CO., OH  (1806 TO 1821)
   Charles KEITH m. 19 Dec 1819 to Rachel CLARK.

HURON CO., OH  (1818 to 1824)
   Eliza KEITH m. 30 Nov1820 m. Eleazer JONES.

   Mary Sofronia KEITH m. 5 Jul 1860 to Allen ROBINSON.
   Mary Ann KEITH m. 10 Feb 1865 to Walker WALLS.

   Benjamin KEATH m. 16 Jun 1836 to Lydia Margaret ELLISON.
   Elizabeth KEATH m. 27 Jun 1828 to Holmes BRIGHTMAN.
   Julian KEETH m. 21 Sep 1919 {?} to Lewis SHIRLEY.
   Maria KEETH m. 8 Sep 1837 to John PURKEY.
   Adam KEITH m. 19 Aug 1830 to Sarah BURBRIDGE.
   Barbary KEITH m. 14 Dec 1828 to William SHIRLEY.
   Benjamin KEITH m. 17 Apr 1829 to Elizabeth WAGNER.
   Mrs Catharine KEITH m. 12 Apr 1829 to James SPENCER.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 14 Mar 1822 to Nathan GOODSELL.
   Lewis KEITH m. 28 Dec 1828 to Nancy O'HARRA.
   Mary KEITH m. 18 Sep 1825 to Jacob BROWN.
   Peter KEITH m. 29 Apr 1823 to Mary TAYLOR.
   Robert KEITH m. 28 Nov 1837 to Anna BOON
   Polly KETIH m. 21 Dec 1837 to William McBRIDE.
   Sarah KEITH m. 1 Aug 1839 to Andrew MILSLAGLE.
   Benjamin KEITH m. 17 Dec 1840 to Sarah DANFORD.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 10 Jun 1841 to George GRIMES.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 21 Dec 1843 to Alexander CLARK.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 22 May 1846 to John H. NORMAN.
   Jane KEITH m. 19 Sep 1844 to Frederick YERLAN.
   John KEITH m. 4 Mar 1841 to Jane SHIPLEY.
   John KEITH m. 25 Nov 1845 to Eliza McGARRY.
   Palser W. KEITH m. 25 Jun 1846 to Maria MINCKS.
   Peter KEITH, Jr. m. 26 Oct 1848 to Deborah DANFORD.
   Rosey KEITH m. 10 Dec 1840 to Peter BRIAN.
   Susan KEITH m. 8 Sep 1850 to William SPENCER.
   William KEITH m. 8 Dec 1842 to Elizabeth PERRY.
   Wesley KEITH m. 10 Feb 1859 to Sarah PERRINE.
   Charity KEITH m. 30 Dec 1875 to Simon ESSEX.
   L. W. KEITH m. 13 Sep 1887 to Clara HUGHES.
   Orin W. KEITH m. 2 Mar 1892 to Katie PHILLISON.
   Cora J. KEITH m. 2 Apr 1900 to Elmer E. KIRKPATRICK
   Phillip Wesley KEITH m. 27 Nov 1851 to Mary Ann SHINN.
   Robert KEITH m. 27 Nov 1851 to Jane HUSSEY.
   Joseph KEITH m. 15 Sep 1853 to Susan HUSSEY.
   Robert KEITH m. 4 Apr 1854 to Jane MURREY.
   Pardon C. KEITH m. 7 Jun 1855 to Elizabeth WILSON.
   Adam KEITH m. 8 Nov1855 to Susan BELL.
   Marinda KEITH m. 17 Nov1857 to Christian W. TALLMAN.
   Martin KEITH m. 17 Aug 1858 to Margaret SPARROWGROVE.
   Pardon KEITH m. 16 Sep 1860 to Susan COFFEE.
   John KEITH m. 23 Apr 1863 to Mary TAYLOR.
   L. Q. KEITH m. 28 Dec 1865 to Margaret TAYLOR.
   Miss F. A. KEITH m. 31 Dec 1865 to William CULLER.
   Merriman KEITH m. 9 Aug 1866 to Lucinda M. MISEL.
   John KEITH m. 7 Nov 1868 to Phebe REANEY.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 14 Oct 1869 to George W. BLACKBURN.
   Emily KEITH m. 18 Oct 1870 to Jacob WELCH.
   Finley C. KEITH m. 14 Feb 1872 to Armania ATHERTON.
   Adam KEITH m. 6 Sep 1877 to Lucinda CUNNINGHAM.
   Charles H. KEITH m. 21 Feb 1878 to Francis S. CLYMER.
   E. W. KEITH m. 12 Apr 1883 to Rebecca CROSSON.
   W. B. KEITH m. 18 Nov 1883 to Sarah A. REED.
   W. E. KEITH m. 22 Apr 1886 to Eliza A. MINKS.
   Sylvanus KEITH m. 3 Sep 1890 to Sarah E. WALLER.
   W. O. KEITH m. 25 Feb 1891 to Lena BOGGS.
   Asa A. KEITH m. 24 Feb 1892 to Mary C. HALE.

PERRY CO., OH  (1818 to 1833)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 13 Apr 1820 to Samuel BODLE.
   Hannah KEITH m. 13 Jan 1824 to William VALENTINE.
   Polly KEITH m. 11 Feb 1830 to John HULLIBERGER. 

STARK CO., OH  (1809 to 1849)
   George KEITH m. 13 Apr 1831 to Eleanor JONAH.

   Catharine KEITH m. 30 Aug 1814 to Nathan NEWTON.
   Adam KEITH m. 8 Aug 1815 to Elizabeth SHIRLEY.
   Joseph KEITH m. 9 Dec 1817 to D. HUGHES.
   Peter KEITH m. 2 Jul 1818 to Betsy SHOCKLEY.
   Polly KEITH m. 17 Feb 1820 to Israel BURNS.
   Eliza KEITH m. 9 Dec 1842 to William THOMAS.
   Silas KEITH m. 15 May 1856 to Rhoda A. GRUBB.
   Alvin KEITH m. 26 Jul 1858 to Nancy Janes DOBBINS.
   Benjamin KEITH m. 5 Jan 1860 to Caroline MERRITT.
   Peter KEITH m. 14 Apr 1867 to Elizabeth MULLEN.
   Caroline KEITH m. 19 Mar 1969 to William A. DOBBINS.
   Rhoda A. KEITH m. 28 Apr 1871 to John H. LONGFELLOW.
   John A. KEITH m. 5 Oct 1910 to Marie BRADY
   C. J. KEITH m. 12 Feb 1911 to Emma HALE
   John Walter m. 17 Aug 1915 to Glady Laura DAVIS

Oklahoma Marriages

   Mrs. Tica KEITH of Melton m. 20 Jan 1897 to 
      E. T. PHILLIPS of Oak Lodge.
   Lizzie KEITH m. 25 Dec 1891 to Samuel BAMES, both of Lehigh.

   R. B. KEITH (27) m. 4 Mar 1906 to Carrie CRANE (18) 
   Lizzie KEITH (26) m. 3 Aug 1906 to M. W. SMITH (30)

   Anna KEITH (25) m. 22 Sep 1904 to John SENSINTOFFER (25)

   Mary KEITH m. 27 Aug 1910 to O. J. DOBBS.
   Charley KEITH m. 31 Dec 1911 to Elsie HATFIELD.
   Soldier KEITH m. 16 Dec 1912 to Lizzie DANNENBERG.
   Myrtle KEITH m. 26 Dec 1922 to Everett E. WELCH.

COMANCHE CO., OK (from printed county history)
   Cecil KEITH m. 4 Sep 1918 to Ethel CHRISTIAN.
   Bonnie Lorene KEITH m. 22 Jun 1935 to Virgil LYLE.
   Cella (or Celia) KEITH m. 1943 to Norman ROBERTSON.

   Mary KEITH m. 16 Jul 1910 to W. E. TAYLOR.
   A. C. KEITH m. 24 Sep 1911 to Mrs Bessie PECK.

   J. L. KEITH (age 43) m. 5 Mar 1899 to Mary E. CALDWELL (26)
   Charles W. KEITH (21) licensed 6 Oct 1903 to m. Minnie SPRNGTON (18)
   William F. KEITH (47) m. 15 Nov 1903 to Mrs Bettie FOWLER (44)

LINCOLN CO., OK (taken from county marriage Index)
   Nancy J. KEATH m. 15 Sep 1898 to Thomas WARREN.
   Winnie N. KEITH m. 14 Feb 1901 to Edward W. BROWN.
   Morgan KEITH m. 4 Jul 1904 to Vina HENRY.

   William KEETH m. 5 Sep 1906 to Lizzie WARE.
   James M. KEETH m. 15 Aug 1907 to Tilda DAVIS.
   Henry KEITH m. 23 Sep 1916 to Grace DUNSMORE.
   John KEITH m. 16 Apr 1919 to Iva MENDENHALL.
   Opal KEITH m. 6 Dec 1926 to W. R. POGUE.
   Dovie KEITH m. 16 Apr 1939 to John Calvin FLORA.

   Jessie KEETH m. 4 Apr 1911 to Charlie BIVIN.
   Reginald L. KEITH m. 27 Dec 1911 to Effie Lucille SNYDER.
   Mabel Margaret KEITH m. 17 Feb 1914 to Albert PATTERSON.
   Orence O. KEITH m. 14 Dec 1914 to Fred DAVIS.
   Ruth KEITH m. 30 Aug 1917 to Orvil EDSON.
   Edward KEITH m. 30 Jan 1919 to Mrs Endora NOLAN.
   W. A. KEITH m. 18 Apr 1919 to Elsie SMITH.
   Mrs. Cloe KEITH m. 12 Jul 1919 to W. D. FRITH.
   Kenneth M. KEITH m. 28 Apr 1920 to Helen Margaret TEETER.
   Eula KEITH m. 9 Jan 1921 to Willie MORRIS.

   Elzia L. KEITH (19) m. 9 Feb 1910 to Sarah Etta FERGUSON (18)
   Nora KEITH (18) m. 22 Jun 1910 to Benton H. HAUSER (20)
   Nellie KEITH (16) m. 1 Jul 1913 to Ed. MILLER (25)
   Mrs. Nellie (Keith) MILLER (18) m. 6 Nov 1915 to C. O. HEDMAN (20)

   Sarah KEITH (from KY) m. Francis ICKE ca. 1840.
   Marcie KEITH m. ca 1890 to William Hill LEWIS.

Pennsylvania Marriages

BUCKS CO., PA (m. from notice in newspaper)
   John S. KEITH m. 18 Jan 1837 to Mary, daughter of Anthony RICH
   John S. KEITH m. 9 May 1844 to Isabella M., dau of James M. TORBERT

Tennessee Marriages

   Samuel KEITH m. 19 Mar 1840 to Margaret DUNCAN.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 27 Apr 1840 to William M.TAYLOR.
   Polly Ann KEITH m. 2 Jul 1840 to West W. ELLIS.
   Ladocia KEITH m. 30 Nov 1843 to John B. S.HUDNELL.
   E. KEITH m. 23 Jan 1851 to William W. WILLIAMS (IGI)
   Gabriel KEITH m. 24 Apr 1853 to Elisabeth POTEET (IGI)
   Gabe KEITH m. 5 Dec 1853 to A. M. LEINART (IGI)
   Mary KEITH m. 17 Jan 1856 to Daniel LEINART (IGI)
   M. A. KEITH m. 10 Feb 1861 to Bird PATTERSON (IGI)
   J. C. KEITH m. 10 Feb 1861 to S. E. LEA (IGI)
   William KEITH m. 1 Feb 1863 to Rebecca NORVELL (IGI)
   Calvin KEITH m. 24 Jan 1867 to Louisa C. SCRUGGS (IGI)
   J. P. KEITH m. 9 Jan 1868 to Martha J. McKAMEY (IGI)
   William J. KEITH m. 23 Feb 1868 to Martha A. GARBER (IGI)
   Malinda J. KEITH m. 11 Jun 1871 to J. J. JIMMERSON (IGI)
   Rebecca KEITH m. 16 Jun 1872 to Samuel LAVELY or LAUDY (IGI)
   George KEITH m. 23 Nov 1873 to Catherine HENDRIX (IGI)
   Jane KEITH m. 5 Jul 1874 to Jacob LEINART (IGI)
   Calvin KEITH m. 23 Jul 1874 to Annie CROSS (IGI)
   Rosa KEITH m. 6 Oct 1878 to Millard SEVERS (IGI)
   I. D. J. KEITH m. 14 Nov 1880 to J. C. WIATT (IGI)
   Calvin KEITH m. 20 Mar 1881 to M. E. SCARBROUGH (IGI)
   Martha KEITH m. 9 Jul 1884 to M. T. BROCK (IGI)
   N. L. KEITH m. 28 Feb 1885 to Silas C. WILSON (IGI)

   James N. KEITH m. 30 Oct 1872 to Susan M. EVANS (IGI)

BLOUNT CO., TN  (1795 to 1879)
   Evaline E. KEITH m. 18 Feb 1834 to James S. RAY(REA).
   William KEITH m. 18 Nov 1837 to Lettie McCAMMON (IGI)
      [also a William KEITH m. 20 Feb 1849 to Elizabeth McCAMMON]
   Gabriel P. KEETH m. 10 Aug 1858 to Eliza Jane FULLER

BRADLEY CO., TN  (1864 to 1887) 
   L. J. KEITH m. 14 Aug 1865 to George W. MCLAIN.
   Dorcas P. KEITH m. 7 Dec 1868 to J. W. SMITH.
   Aaron C. KEITH m. 9 Sep 1871 to Elvira GREEN.
   Mary A. E. KEITH m. 26 Aug 1875 to William A. COPELAND.
   Thos A. KEITH m. 10 Aug 1876 to Eliza A COPELAND.
   Z. A. KEITH m. 23 Mar 1878 to R. J. FISHER.
   E. W. KEITH m. 31 Dec 1881 to Malissa Callie LAWSON.
   S. H. KEITH m. 17 Dec 1884 to M. A. W. COWAN.
   Mollie KEITH m. 21 Apr 1886 to J. T. DAVIDSON.

   Gabriel KEITH m. 19 Aug 1838 to Duosey PUTEET 
      [also see Anderson Co., TN]
   William KEITH m. 27 Jan 1855 to Sally McGHEE (IGI)
   Nancy KETH m. 8 Jun 1859 to Andrew VANADER (IGI)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 12 Mar 1865 to Levi BOSHEARS (IGI)

   Nancy KEITH m. 31 Mar 1840 to Nathan MATHEWS.
   Etter KEATH m. 13 Feb 1871 to Calvin HEELTON.
   Sarah E. KEATH m. 25 May 1871 to Elijah BESHERS.
   L. KEATH m. 20 Jul 1873 to L. Z. BOWLIN.

   Isaac KEITH m. 1 Aug 1880 to Briley FLENEN.

   Sarah KEITH m. 27 Dec 1849 to Samuel LANE.

   Clara B. KEITH m. 25 Feb 1884 to M. T. BRANDEN (IGI)

   Eliza KEITH m. 21 Jun 1854 to Jacob FUDGE.
   Sam J. KEITH m. 19 Sep 1865 to Lizzie E. BELLSNYDER (IGI)
   John KEITH m. 28 Jun 1867 to Margaret MYERS (IGI)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 2 Sep 1868 to Isaac N. EVELETH (IGI)
   Georgianna KEITH m. 5 Jul ___ to Oliver MILLER (IGI)

   Susan Ann KEATH m. 22 Aug 1849 to John DAVIS.
   Susannah KEATH m. 6 Sep 1855 to William KEATON.
   Melviny KEATH m. 26 Jun 1860 to William B. SPRADLY.
   William KEITH m. 20 Feb 1867 to Eliza J. CHAPMAN.
   Edame KEITH m. 7 Aug 1869 to Josiah JARED (no return).
   James KEETH m. 18 Jan 1872 to Elizabeth CONNOR.
   M. J. KEITH m. 19 May 1877 to J. C. JOHNSON (no return).
   S. G. KEETH m. 9 Mar 1878 to Peter COWEN.
   T. B. KEITH m. 29 Aug 1882 to Rebecca NOLNER (IGI)
   James KEITH m. 25 Jan 1883 to Elizabeth HOBS (IGI)
   W. J. KEITH m. 4 Sep 1884 to S. A. HATHAWAY (IGI)
   James KEITH m. 21 Mar 1885 to A. D. WILLIAMS (IGI)

   Charley KEATH m. 24 Jul 1875 to Carry IRVING. (IGI)

FRANKLIN CO., TN  (FROM 1751) mostly from Daniel of SC/TN
   Martha KEITH m. Sep 1817 to Abraham SHOOK (IGI)
   Mary KEITH m. 2 Sep 1826 to John SHOOK (IGI)
   Marshall KEITH m. 28 Sep 1834 to Nancy PEACOCK (IGI)
   James N KEITH m. 9 Feb 1839 to Nancy J. LARKINS.
   Susan KEITH m. 12 Oct 1839 to Giles W BASS...?
   Mary A KEITH m. 22 Sep 1840 to A L HYDER
   Susan KEITH m. 11 Sep 1843 to Gary STAPLES.
   William P. KEITH m. 14 Sep 1843 to Bernalty HOLDER.
   Samuel H. KEITH m. 1st 7 Nov 1844 to Nancy JOHNSON, 
      2nd 12 Jan 1847 to Salinna DENSON. [south draft]
   John L. KEITH m. 12 Jan 1847 to Elizabeth TRIGG.
   John B. KEITH m. 24 Feb 1848 to Susan M. BELL.
   Nancy KEITH m. 1 Aug 1850 to William S. BUCHANAN.
   Anthony N. KEITH m. 8 Dec 1850 to Ann T. GREEN (no return)
   Manerva D. KEITH m. 13 Feb 1851 to Thomas A. NEWMAN.
   William KEATH m. 20 Apr 1852 to Elenor MALONE.
   Daniel C. KEITH m. 26 Aug 1854 to Susan C. BLEDSOE.
   Sally A. KEITH m. 20 Dec 1855 to William R. MATHEWS.
   Sarah M. KEATH m. 1 Feb 1858 to P. W. BREWER.
   John KEITH m. 16 Feb 1861 to Mary DRAKE
   Edmond KEITH m. 16 Sep 1865 to Metilda SIMMONS (IGI)
   Maggie KEITH m. 30 Dec 1865 to Asa PHILIPS.
   S. H. KEITH m. 26 Sep 1865 to Mari MOORE.
   Manuel KEITH licensed to m. 29 Mar 1866 to Polina SIMMONS (no return)
   Lucy S. KEITH m. 21 Nov 1866 to M. P. HINES.
   M. E. KEITH m. 21 Nov 1866 to T. J. WEBB.
   Ellen KEITH m. 21 May 1867 to Aron STAPLES.
   David KEITHlicensed to m. 16 Nob 1867 to Mollie ROBINSON (no return).
   A. M. KEITH m. 8 Aug 1868 to Mary E. BROOKS (no return)
   P. [Pleasant?] B. KEITH m. 12 Aug 1869 to M. F. KEITH.

   Jack KEITH m. 4 May 1870 to Miss. Ellen STAPLES (no return).
   Newton KEITH m. 28 Dec 1870 to Joanah ENGLAND (no return).
   Mary A. KEITH m. 20 Feb 1871 to B. F. HARRIS.
   William M. KEITH m. 7 Nov 1871 to Mollie E. HINES (no return)
   James H. KEITH m. 19 Dec 1871 to Mollie E. MOSLEY.
   William H. KEITH m. 18 Jan 1872 to Sarah A. HORTON (no return).
   S. E. KEITH m. 15 Aug 1872 to Henry T. GARNER.
   Ellen KEITH m. 20 Sep 1873 to Ben JOHNSON.
   Jemima KEITH m. 2 Jan 1874 to Thomas MILLER.
   Mattie J. KEITH m. 20 Apr 1874 to Robert T. REED.
   Thomas A. KEITH m. 7 May 1874 to Violet FRANCIS (no return).
   Jack KEITH m. 10 Feb 1876 to Beatriss STOVALL
   Dun KEITH m. 27 Mar 1876 to Ann MILLER.
   Emma KEITH m. 21 Dec 1876 to Dock OAKLEY.
   Lilly KEITH m. 10 Oct 1877 to Hugh CAPERTON (IGI)
   Man KEITH licensed to m. 3 Jan 1878 to Mary Ann HATCHETT (no return).
   John B. KEITH m. 27 Apr 1884 to Bettie M. REYNOLDS (IGI)

GIBSON CO., TN  (1824 TO 1860)
   John KEITH m. 11 Nov1837 to Polly ROBERTSON.
   John KEATH m. 31 Jan 1838 to Hannah R. HOLLAN.
   James R.KEATH m. 18 Sep 1846 to Luisa C. WARD.
   Eveline KEITH m. 5 Dec 1853 to D. J. HANKS (IGI)
   Salina KEITH m. 1 Dec 1854 to James M. COLEMAN (IGI)

GILES CO., TN  (1810 TO 1869)
   Andrew J KEITH m. 1 Jul 1849 to Jane D,WILSON.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 22 Nov 1851 to W. S. BELL.
   Martha KEATH m. 24 Oct 1856 to Adison B. GARRETT.

GRAINGER CO., TN  (1720 TO 1837)
   William KEITH m. 18 Dec 1805 to Sarah COONS.
   Zachariah KEITH m. 16 Jan 1808 to Peggy COUNTZ.
   James KEITH m. 25 Jan 1859 to Susan DAVIS (IGI)

   Reuben KEITH m. 19 Nov 1801 to Margaret LEWIS
     (Thomas Keith, bond)
   Charles Fleming KEITH m. 30 Oct 1811 to Elizabeth D.HALE.
   James A. KEITH m. 8 Jan 1856 to Margaret A. JONES (IGI)
   L. J. KIETH m. 15 Jan 1882 to D. Z. ARROWOOD (IGI)

GRUNDY CO., TN  (1850 TO 1874)
   Angeline KEITH m. 23 Feb 1867 to William BRUCE.

   M. A. KEITH m. 1 Mar 1860 to John ROBERTS.
   Mary KEITH m. 21 Jul 1862 to W.A. HEAD.
   Griffin KEITH m. 30 Jul 1872 to Tempie LAWSON.
   Mark KEITH m. 27 Sep 1866 to Josephine HAGEN (IGI)
   G. W. KEITH m. 2 Nov 1878 to Sally DAVIS.
   G. W. KEITH m. 15 Jan 1880 to Nancy AUSTIN.
   Jones KEITH m. 17 Oct 1879 to Evelyn REYNOLDS.
   Y. C. KEITH m. 10 Oct 1874 to Amanda MILLER.
   George KEITH m. 29 Jun 1881 to Susan MONROE.
   John C. KEITH m. 2 Dec 1872 to Martha MURDOCK.
   John H. KEITH m. 15 Dec 1883 to Sallie E. PARK.
   Jacob R. KEITH m. 22 Feb 1890 to Malinda BOWDEN.
   Fannie KEITH m. 7 May 1895 to Arch BAILEY.
   Jessie N. KEITH m. 26 Mar 1895 to John SHANE.
   William KEITH m. 11 Dec 1895 to Mindy WLAS.
   G. C. KEITH m. 13 Nov 1897 to Gertrude A. RUSHER.
   John KEITH m. 21 May 1896 to Maggie CLARK.
   John P. KEITH m. 6 Jul 1898 to Leona BARNES.
   Mrs Annie KEITH m. 15 Aug 1898 to Thomas SHUBURG.
   R. L. KEITH m. 25 Oct 1900 to M. L.REED.
   Thomas Judson KEITH m. 2 Mar 1901 to Rella HAMMONDS.
   Herman B. KEITH m. 19 Apr 1904 to Frances SAFFER.
   Minnie KEITH m. 17 Dec 1904 to John MAY.
   Andrew KEITH m. 16 Sep 1905 to Carrie ELLIS.
   Robert L. KEITH b. 23 Mar 1907 to Ethel LATTA.
   Calvin KEITH m. 5 Oct 1907 to Goldie DEADMAN.
   Hershel V. KEITH m. 10 Dec 1907 to Willie Ethel LESSLY.

HICKMAN CO., TN  (1813 TO 1896)
   Levi KEITH m. 28 Jun 1868 to Elizabeth GILE.

   Isabell KEITH m. 1873 to Richard H. CARTER (IGI)
   Janden KEATH m. 27 Nov 1873 to Hariett MEDDERS (IGI)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 18 Dec 1873 to Daniel MIDDENS (IGI)
   Martha KEATH m. 9 Dec 1874 to Andy MABERRY (IGI)
   Elizabeth Frances KEITH m. 3 Jan 1875 to John J. PAYNE (IGI)
   Ellen KEITH m. 20 Apr 1876 to William CARNOHAN (IGI)
   S. B. KEITH m. 23 Apr 1876 to Blake T. BIRDWELL (IGI)
   Catherine KEATH m. 13 Jun 1876 to Henry MAYES (IGI)
   G. R. KEITH m. 10 Sep 1876 to Martha DELL (IGI)
   Margaret I. KEITH m. 16 Feb 1877 to Randal M. T. GIPSON (IGI)
   Hiram KEETH b. 28 Aug 1877 to Nitty J. CHILDERS (IGI)
   Sidney KEITH m. 18 Nov 1877 to Rebecca SMITH (IGI)
   Kit K. KEITH m. 24 Mar 1878 to Cratin JENKINS (IGI)
   James KEITH m. 27 Apr 1878 to Margaret JACKSON (IGI)
   Mary KEITH m. 23 Aug 1878 to Thomas ALLEN (IGI)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 14 Mar 1880 to William YORK (IGI)
   William KEITH m. 19 Mar 1880 to Eliza JACKSON (IGI)
   Hiram KEITH m. 31 Oct 1880 to Fannie JONES (IGI)
   Oley Blanch KEITH m. 27 May 1883 to Calvin WELCH (IGI)
   Byas KEITH m. 13 Sep 1883 to Darthoula JACKSON (IGI)
   Margaret E. KEITH m. 19 Nov 1883 to William STOUT (IGI)
   Marion KEITH m. 20 Dec 1883 to Maggie LOCK (IGI)
   L. D. KEITH m. 27 Dec 1883 to J. M. RICHARDSON (IGI)
   Tobias KEITH m. 29 Mar 1885 to Nannie WRIGHT (IGI)

JEFFERSON CO., TN  (1798 TO 1815)
   Agnes KEITH m. 25 Dec 1797 to Isaac E. KELLY (IGI)
   Catherine W. KEITH m 4 May 1802 to James W. BRADFORD.
   Gabriel KEETH m. 31 Aug 1803 to Tabitha RORAN.
   Tabitha KEITH m. 4 Dec 1807 to John HENDERSON.

KNOX CO., TN  (1784 TO 1900)
   Micajah KEITH m. 14 Feb 1799 to Milly HICKEY
   Polly KEITH m. 29 Sep 1799 to John HUTSON (IGI says HUGHES).
   Polly KEITH m. 19 Mar 1804. to Thomas WHEELER.
   Jenny KEITH m. 30 May 1809 to John NESTER.
   Betsy KEITH m. 12 Feb 1814 to James WILSON.
   Catherine KEITH m. 6 Jul 1819 to Cornelius HICKEY.
   Andrew KEITH m. 16 Apr 1823 to Martha MITCHELL.
   Catherine KEITH m. 30 Oct 1826 to Wiley C FORGUSON.
   Eveline KEITH m. 16 Sep 1830 to Wm B. LUCY.
   Elizabeth L KEITH m. 25 Apr 1837 to Chs A MCCLURE.
   Ann KEITH m. 17 Nov 1837 to Calvin E. BRYANT.
   Almyra KEITH m. 22 Feb 1839 to Robert CORUM.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 14 Mar 1839 to Robert HARPER.
   Russell KEITH m. 17 Mar 1839 to Jane HARPER.
   Adeline KEITH m. 1840 to Daniel ALLEY (IGI)
   Matilda KEITH m. 22 Apr 1841 to David GODDARD.
   George W KEITH m. 24 Jun 1841 to Rutha J.HENDRIX.
   Mary C KEITH m. 9 Jul 1846 to Elkanah JOHNSON.
   Rebecca KEITH m. 8 Jan 1846 to Zion WADE.
   Alfred KEITH m. 15 Jan 1846 Minerva CUNNINGHAM

      (Russell Keith bond)
   Samuel KEITH H m. 9 Aug 1848 to Phebe A. CUNNINGHAM.
   Eliza J KEITH m. 23 Nov1848 to Jourdan C JOHNSON.
   William KEITH m. 20 Feb 1849 to Elizabeth McCAMMON.
   William KEITH m. 5 Oct 1853 to Mary Ann McCLAIN.
   Sarah A KEITH m. 9 Mar 1854 to Daniel ALLEY.
   Jackson KEITH m. 17 Aug 1854 to Elvira McCLAIN.
   Mary A KEITH m. 31 Oct 1860 to Randolph D. LEISON.
   Luke Lea KEITH m. 6 Nov1860 to Lucinda C FOX.
   Andrew KEITH m. 19 Nov1860 to Charlotte GASS.
   Thomas E KEITH m. 4 Oct 1861 to A. A. WEAVER
      (S. H. Keith, bond).
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 3 Apr 1862 to Jesse HODGES.
   Susan KEITH m. 04 Oct 1864 to A. L. WALKER.
   Martha KEITH m. 4 Apr 1866 to Timothy WEAVER.
   Rufus KEITH m. 10 Nov1866 to Eliza HAYNES.
   John W. KEITH m. 7 Oct 1869 to Nannie L CHUMLEE.
   Catherine KEITH m. 20 May 1869 to R R WALKER.
   Elizabeth KEITH A m. 28 Oct 1869 to Wm,NICKLE.
   Martha J KEITH m. 5 Nov1871 to James T THORNTON.
   Margaret KEITH m. 4 Oct 1873 to J. S. HAYNES.
   Mary S KEITH m. 5 Oct 1873 to Masten WEAVER.
   J. R. KEITH m. 26 Oct 1873 to Bell MALCOM.
   Wm A KEITH m. 22 Feb 1874 to Mary S. FOX.
   William H KEITH m. 22 Oct 1874 to Nancy E FRANCIS.
   Paralie KEITH m. 25 Jan  1877 to Reuben P THOMPSON.
   Martha L KEITH m. 11 Oct 1877 to Jasper N DAVIS.
   Eva KEITH m. 28 Feb 1878 to Balch GASS.
   Cassie KEITH m. 27 Oct 1878 to James M. DUNN.
   Alice A KEITH m. 17 Nov1878 to Taylor W DAVIS.
   Jas H. KEITH m. 24 Dec 1878 to Rebecca B NEWCOMBE.
   Eliza J. KEITH m. 12 Feb 1879 to John Q. CALLOWAY.
   Lillie KEITH m. 17 Apr 1879 to Orvilee FIELDS.
   Mattie E KEITH m. 26 Jan 1880 to James M COWAN.
   Joseph KEITH m. 18 Apr 1880 to Arine BALEY.
   Rufus Melvin KEITH m. 25 Jul 1880 to Mary Jane SOWARD.
   Rufus KEITH m. 20 Aug 1881 to Cassie S HOWELL.
   Ida M KEITH m. 31 Oct 1883 to Wm R WHITSON.
   James R KEITH m. 11 Mar 1885 to Mary DUKE.
   Margaret E KEITH m. 4 Oct 1885 to James C HINTON.
   Doney KEITH, m. 7 Feb 1886 to Samuel A. PHIBBS.
   Mary E KEITH m. 13 Jun 1886 to Jacob M. SPRADLIN.
   Martha E. KEITH m. 3 Oct 1886 to Francis M. NICKLE.
   Lavenia KEITH m. 1 Dec 1886 to John R RAUSIN.
   Lucinda KEITH, m. TAYLOR, Jones, 26 Aug 1888.
   Joseph KEITH m. 8 Nov1888 to Mattie A. BELL.
   Annie KEITH m. 24 May 1889 to Samuel CASWELL.
   Emma A. KEITH m. 8 Jan 1891 to John R. RAUSIN.
   Rosa KEITH m. 1 Aug 1891 to Henry V. COLEMAN.
   Rufus KEITH m. 25 Oct 1891 to Nancy GRAYBILL.
   William A KEITH m. 9 Oct 1892 to Alice FOX.
   Annie Belle KEITH m. 19 Oct 1892 to Chrles T. BRABSON.
   Bessie A. KEITH m. 16 Aug 1892 to Henry I. GRIFFIN.
   Edward L. KEITH m. 18 Jan 1894 Maggie B. JACKSON 
      (W. A. KEITH bond).
   Mattie A. KEITH m. 30 Jun 1895 to Albert A. GAMBLE.
   Lula KEITH m. 6 Oct 1895 to Thomas MARTIN.
   William Harrison KEITH m. 4 Oct 1896 to Annie MURREY.
   Harrison KEITH m. 11 Sep 1897 to Mary THOMPSON.
   Mabel KEITH m. 12 Sep 1899 to Hugh NEWBERRY.
   Mary L. KEITH m. 3 May 1899 to Edgar W. DUGGER.
   Austin Alexander KEITH m. 25 Dec 1906 to Anna Bertha OWNBEY (IGI).
   Vernia KEITH m. 21 Jan 1909 to Charlie K. NEWBERRY (IGI)
   Martin C. KEITH m. 28 Apr 1925 to Nattie NEIGHBERT (IGI)

   Nathan KEITH m. 30 Jul 1840 to Ann FOSTER.
   Haywood KEITH m. 24 Dec 1843 to Arena MYERS.

   Sarah KEITH m. 19 Jul 1841 to Peter SHELTON.
   James L.KEITH m. 6 Jul 1843 to Margaret B.CLARK.
   Eliza P. KEITH m. 3 Oct 1844 to Harden WARDEN (IGI)
   Charlotta KEITH m. 18 Dec 1845 to George W. SWINEBROAD
   Amanda F. KEITH m. 24 Nov 1846 to Rodderick BARNS.
   Margaret A.KEITH m. 23 May 1850 to William A. BROWN.
   Mary KEITH m. 27 May 1854 to Harden WARDEN.
   James S. KEITH m. 9 Apr 1857 to Mary Ann SIMS.
   Solomon KEITH m. 6 Oct 1858 (IGI says 59) to Rebecca E. ASHBY.
   John P. KEITH m. 16 Aug 1860 to E. S. YANT.
   Mary A. KEITH m. 30 Sep 1863 to H. M. LARGEN.
   Sarah E. KEITH m. 24 Jun 1864 (IGI says 63) to John W. BEASLEY.
   Presley A. KEITH m. 18 Aug 1864 to Mary J. PAMPLIN.
   William F. KEITH (IGI says Presley F., also) m. 18 Aug
      1864 to S. PAMPLIN.
   Mary KEITH m. 30 Dec 1869 to William WHITAKER (IGI)
   Selia KEITH m. 2 Jan 1871 to George HARRISON.
   R. E. KEITH m. 7 Oct 1875 to J. B. BEDWELL (IGI)
   K. E. KEITH m. 26 Nov 1876 to John W. WARDEN (IGI)
   Mollie KEITH m. 16 Jun 1878 to John ASHBY (IGI)
   Thomas KEITH m. 5 Sep 1878 to Ida TUCKER (IGI)
   William L. Y. KEITH m. 14 Nov 1878 to Loucinda JOHNSON (IGI)
   Lizzie KEITH m. 19 Dec 1878 to G. F. ISOM (IGI)
   Henry KEITH m. 15 Jan 1880 to Maggie SCOTT (IGI)
   Ida A. KEITH m. 28 Oct 1880 to B. A. ASHBY (IGI)
   George KEITH m. 10 Mar 1881 to Ellie GRAY (IGI)
   M. E. KEITH m. 24 Feb 1884 to Isaac BLUNTLY (IGI)

   Cynta A. KEITH m. 15 Dec 1870 to Doctor HULIN (IGI)
   D. O. KEITH m. 24 Nov 1875 to B. F. HARTLY (IGI)
   Cummons KEITH m. 22 Dec 1882 to Nannie BOGART (IGI)
   W. A. KEITH m. 12 Jun 1910 to Lucille MARCOM (IGI)
   Leo KEITH m. 15 May 1921 to Lucy Elizabeth SLOAN (IGI)

   Micajah KEITH m. 19 May 1832 to Susan REPLOGLE.

   Thomas G.KEITH m. 30 Aug 1819 to Elizabeth BOON.
   Lizie KEITH m. 19 Dec 1898 to Greenberry Floyd ISOM,
      son of Valantine Carol and Mary Ann (Connell) ISOM.

   William KEITH m. 3 Mar 1835 to Martha J. SHUMAKE (IGI)
   Alexander H.KEITH m. 20 May 1841 to Sarah FORE.
   Sarah M. KEITH m. 24 Sep 1844 to R. B. BRABSON.

   Annie E. KEITH (b. ca 1863) m. 22 Jan 1885 to S. W. BRYANT
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 17 Oct 1891 to R. H. MINNIS
   M.E. KEITH m. 5 May 1900 to J. E. HOWSER
   Aaron KEITH m. 18 Mar 1888 to Nancy DEATHRAGE (B?)
   Jesse KEITH m. 28 Nov 1884 to Catherine BOGGESS (B)

   John W.KEATH m. 17 Nov 1845 to Mary F.TERRELL.
   Joseph KEETH m. 25 Nov 1847 to Samuella BUCK.

   Sarah Jane KEITH m. 4 Nov 1862 to Albert St. CLAIR (IGI)
   Sarah J. KEITH m. 4 Dec 1876 to John H. WALLEN (IGI)
   G. W. KEITH m. 6 Jan 1881 to S. M. LOVE (IGI)

   Sarah Jane KEITH m. 16 Sep 1852 to Robert WILLIAMS.
   Gilly KEITH m. 3 Aug 1856 to P. A. BLAKELY 
      (Felix PIERCE, surety).
   Josiah KEITH (m. 16 Feb 1857 to Susan BURTON.
   Mary Elizabeth KEITH m. 18 Mar 1857 to William HUFFSTUTTER
      (Josiah KEITH, surety)
   Lydia KEITH m. 23 Sep 1857 to John H. COOPER.
   Rachael KEITH: license issued 4 Dec 1867 for m. to William DAVIS, 
      (Thomas HANCOCK, surety). No return.

   Nicholas KEITH m. 25 Dec 1833 to Nancy BUTRAM.
   Nicholas KEITH m. 9 May 1844 to Eliza JACK.
   John H. KEITH m. 21 Jul 1858 to Ann E. C. MOYERS (no return)
   Z. B. KEITH m. 9 Sep 1873 to Mary C. COLLINS 
      (John H. KEITH, MG)
   Samuel KEITH m. 31 Mar 1886 to Mary J. SWAFFORD.
   Jane KEITH m. 26 Oct 1888 to George BENSON.
   Charley KEITH m. 19 Feb 1889 to Lucinda OFFICER.
   N. J. KEITH m. 16 Nov 1893 to Jessie L. LOCKMILLER.
   Earnest N. KEITH m. 31 Jan 1894 to Lillie N. HAWKINS.

   N. M. KEITH m. 20 Mar 1894 to H. E. SHIPLEY.
   T. J. KEITH m. 15 Sep 1894 to Hannah BISHOP.
   Robert KEITH m. 30 Jan 1895 to Mary BISHOP.
   S. R. KEITH bonded 10 Aug 1897 to m. Mary BISHOP
      (J. P. KEITH, witness).
   Robert KEITH m. 1 Nov 1898 to Mabel WALKER.
   Mrs Mary KEITH m. 17 Dec 1899 to Thomas B. HOUSER or HOUSLEY.
   Jack KEITH m. 22 Dec 1897 to Laura HALE.

   Lewis KEITH m. 12 Aug 1857 to Elizabeth CUMMINGS.

ROANE CO., TN  (1801 to 1855)
   Martin KEITH m. 11 Jan 1831 to Elizabeth BLACK,
   Eveline KEITH m. 6 Mar 1836 to Jesse HAYS (IGI)
   Middleton B. KEITH m. 22 Feb 1838 to Nancy DUGGER.
   Denisia KEITH m. 19 Apr 1849 to Charles BLACKWELL.
   Spencer KEITH m. 8 Jan 1842 to Dicy BLACKWELL.
   Benjamin A. KEITH m. 7 Aug 1854 to Anlanett DARDEN.

   Lee KEITH m. 11 Dec 1830 to Martha Jane WOOD.
   Washington KEITH m. 11 Aug 1830 to Rebecca BELT.
   Ledbetter Charles KEITH m. 23 Dec 1865 to Susie Frances PRATER (IGI)

   Mary KEITH m. 19 Jan 1860 to Frank HAMBY (IGI)
   William KEITH m. 27 Jan 1865 to Martha A. NEWELS.
   Martha Ann KEITH m. 18 Dec 1865 to Noah STEPHENS (IGI)
   Polly KEITH m. 13 Mar 1877 to Hiram HUFF (IGI)
   Hiram KEITH, Jr. m. 28 Aug 1877 to Nitty J. CHILDERS.

   Marcus KEATH m. 24 Nov 1850 to Margaret E. DORRIS.
   James KEITH m. 5 Jan 1857 to A. O. BELL.
   William KEITH m. 27 Jan 1865 to Martha A. NEWELS (IGI)
   James KEITH m. 27 Jan 1866 to Delia Ann BELL (IGI)
   James KEETH m. 4 Sep 1867 to Lavina CUMMINS.
   Reams KEITH m. 3 Jan 1871 to Druesella WEBB (IGI)
   M. H. KEITH m. 22 Sep 1878 to Mary Jane WILLIAMS (IGI)
   James W. KEITH m. 22 Mar 1884 to Belezony L. CLARK (IGI)
   Delia A. m. 9 Aug 1885 to A. L. THORNBURGH (IGI)

   John KEATH m. 20 Jan 1835 to Elizabeth EDWARDS.
   Mary KEITH m. 14 May 1856 to James D. GOODWIN.

   Nancy KEATH m. 11 Jan 1827 to Walter CARRUTH.
   Rossan KEITH m. 2 Jul 1847 to Mary CHUMLEY.

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