DNA and Genealogy

Having followed the development of DNA testing and its application to genealogical research, I have recently selected and entered a program in which serious KEITH researchers may find interest. (Good, basic information can be viewed at http://www.isogg.org/) In many cases this route in science will likely be the only way to finally re-attach branches of KEITH families to root ancestors that are not linked by written documents. Here is the “welcome message”, containing links to details about the Keith Surname DNA Project, conducted through Worldfamilies.net:

Welcome to the Keith Surname Project! DNA testing is a great way to further your research – we hope it works well for you. We are Worldfamilies.net, temporary administrators for the Keith Surname DNA Project that you just joined. (Read about us: www.worldfamilies.net/wfnstory.html) We will run the project until a family member is ready to take over as project administrator. Our services to you are completely free. If you are interested in becoming the project manager for this project, just let us know. We provide the tools and can support a gradual phase-in to the complete role for those who have the interest and desire, but not the skills. For now, we will handle all of the basics and answer your questions. We hope you will help your project by promoting it within your network of family and researchers. The more people involved, the better chance you have of finding your genetic family and breaking down your blank wall.

Here are the important sites. You will probably want to bookmark these:

Keith Project 6 Page Website: www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/k/keith/

There are a few key things that you need to know. Your code identity is K-10. We will post your code instead of your name (or FTDNA kit number) on your pedigree and with your DNA result. We do not identify you by name at our site, but do identify the researcher listed with the pedigree.

We have a 6 page website just for this project. The page navigation is in the rectangles across the top. You’ll find the Patriarch and Results pages to be most important over time, but will want to look at all of the pages to see what is there.

The most important thing we do is to correlate genealogies to DNA results. We ask you to post your pedigree at our Pedigree Forum. We’ll then post it on the project’s Patriarch page, along with the researcher’s name and email address.

After your kit is received by FTDNA, you will get an email about your personal page at FTDNA where you can see your results, compare to others in the project, order more tests, etc. FTDNA makes a test batch every 2 weeks. It will be about 6 weeks after that before you get results. You’ll get an email from FTDNA when they receive your kit, have results for you, or have matched your DNA to someone else.

We will post your (and everyone else’s) test results on the Results page of your project’s website. Please be sure you have posted your Most Distant Known Ancestor with your pedigree on our forum and on your Personal Preferences page at FTDNA, so we can post your results using that ancestor’s name.

Best Regards, Marilyn World Families Network www.worldfamilies.net