Keith Marriages KS-NC

Kansas Marriages

   Alwilda KEITH m. Feb 1884 to Thomas PLAYFORD
   Hattie KEITH m. Jun 1886 to Arthur WHITE
   Nellie KEITH m. Apr 1892 to Swain NEAL
   John KEITH m. Feb 1896 to Olive A. MORGAN
   M. B. KEITH (female) m. Mar 1896 to Theodore HENCH
   John KEITH m. Mar 1899 to Bernice BONER
   Mabel M. KEITH m. Jul 1900 to Robert J. RICHARDS

Kentucky Marriages

   Elizabeth KEITH m. 29 Jan 1821 to Isaac TRUMBO
   Rebecca KEATH m. 26 Jan 1823 to Broaddham MILLER.
   Gabriel KEITH m. 18 Jan 1829 to Lucy RANDOLPH

   Polly KEITH m. 15 Mar 1810 to Robert McCORKLE

BOURBON CO., KY  (1780 to 1897)
   Gabriel KEITH m. 20 Mar 1803 to Deborah CASE
   Loyd KEITH m. 9 Nov1810 to Peggy WILLIAMS.
   Rebecca KEITH m. 8 Sep 1818 to John SHORT..?
   James KEITH, m. 11 Jan 1821 to Sarah SCONCE..?
   Rebecca KEITH m. 8 Jan 1822 to David SCONCE..?
   Uriah KEITH m. 7 Oct 1828 to Lydia HALE

   Henry KEATH m. 29 May 1817 Margaret WILLSON.
   Anderson KEETH m. 21 Feb 1815 Milly...?

BRECKINRIDGE CO., KY  (1800 to 1857)
   John A. KEITH m. 25 Aug 1845 to Lucy Cath LONG..?

   Nancy KEITH m. 8 Apr 1834 to Robert GREEN...?

BUTLER CO., KY  (1810 to 1865)
   Rachel KEITH m. 13 Jun 1823 to William DEWEESE....?
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 6 Jun 1852 to Richard A. EVANS.
   Parle KEITH m. 16 Jul 1853 to James C. PHELPS.

CHRISTIAN CO., KY  (1797 to 1916)
   Mary Elizabeth KEITH m. 9 Dec 1847 to Henry F. KNIGHT..?
   Esther Elizabeth KEITH m. 7 Jan 1858 to Jesse W. FOX.
   William A. KEITH m. 3 Jun 1866 to Mary Angeline WILLS..?
   Amanda Ann KEITH m. 23 Sep 1869to Theodore M. STANLEY.
   Dr. William A. KEITH m. 19 Oct 1873 to Lucetta R. LEWIS.
   Secilia KEITH m. 29 Jan 1874 to S. J. WINSETT.
   Mary L. KEITH m. 15 Sep 1878 to Jacob CRICK...?
   S.V. KEITH m. 10 Nov1878 to Bryan GRACE...?
   Sarah D. KEITH m. 10 Jul 1879 to Mycager WELLS.
   John KEITH m. 13 May 1880 to Delia CROFT.(west)
   Joseph KEITH m. 20 Dec 1885 to Emma PATTERSON..?
   Nancy E. KEITH m. 11 Feb 1900 to Noah GRACE...?
   Gertrude KEITH m. 23 Dec 1900 to William E. GRAY...?
   Ida KEITH m. 7 May 1899 to James R. HARRIS.?

   James W.KEITH m. 2nd 25 Sep 1822 to Lucy L. WASHBURN.
   Margaret KEITH m. 31 Jan 1828 to Anderson YOUNG.
   Arabella KEITH m. 2 Apr 1839 to Theodore KOLHASS..?

CLAY CO., KY  (1807 to 1855)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 27 Dec 1827 to Owen BRIGMAN..?
   Joseph KEITH m. 27 Feb 1833 to Delight REDGEL..?

DAVIESS CO., KY  (1815 to 1865)
   John KEITH m. 4 Nov1833 to Conna KINNEY..?
   Prudy KEITH m. 12 Apr 1834 to Samuel KENNEY..?
   Lavina KEITH m. 28 Nov1835 to Morton M. HARRIS...?
   Joseph KEITH m. 20 Feb 1839 to Eliza ACRE...?
   Mary KEITH m. 30 Mar 1853 to Howard PINKSTON..?

   Samuel KEITH m. 23 Aug 1829 to Nancy HOLLEMAN...?
   Rebecca KEATH m. 26 Nov 1835 to William HOWARD 
   Susannah KEATH m. 7 Jan 1836 to Poldin GARDNER.
   William KEATH m. 13 Feb 1837 to Elizabeth JOHNSON
   James KEATH m. 9 Oct 1837 to Lucinda HAND
   Nancy KIETH m. 19 Dec 1837 to James GARDNER.
   John KEATH m. 2 Oct 1838 to Mary W.EDWARDS.
   Nelly KEATH m. 2 Dec 1841 to William JOHNSON
   Isaiah KEETH m. 4 Dec 1845 to Mary SHORT
   Daniel KEATH m. 27 Oct 1856 to Mary N. MAYHUGH
   M. V. KEITH m. 21 Jan 1857 to John GRAYSON
   Mary Ann KEATH m. 11 Jun 1860 to Doyel WILLIAM
   Daniel KEETH m. 1865 to Mildred HOWARD
   Rody KEATH m. 7 Jan 1869 to John W. DAVIS
   Della KEITH m. 11 Jan 1887 to Oliver ROUNTREE
   Thomas KEITH m. 3 Aug 1887 to Martha A. HAWKINS
   S. E. KEITH m. 6 Dec 1887 to John BECKNER
   John D. KEITH m. 8 Mar 1889 to Jemima A. HOWARD
   Judah KEITH m. 12 Dec 1893 to W. M. DeWEESE
   Essie KEITH m. 23 Jun 1901 to C. O. BELLER
   George KEETH m. 24 Mar 1902 to Bertie AGE
   George W. KEITH m. 9 Nov 1904 to Addie TARTER
   Pearl KEITH m. 30 Jun 1905 to Lawrence STURGEON
   Janie KEITH m. 12 Apr 1906 to James ROUNTREE
   Benjamin Luther KEITH m. 15 Oct 1914 to Mary Bethel CROSS
   Veechel KEITH m. 1 Apr 1915 to Gertie STICE
   Annie KEITH m. 15 Mar 1916 to Clarence BLAIR

   M. L.KEITH m. 3 Mar 1847 to Susanna BALL.

FLEMING CO., KY  (1789 to 1853)
   John KEITH m. 9 Dec 1806 to Hannah SHANKLIN,
   Isaac KEITH m. 7 Sep 1809 to Elizabeth THOMPSON.
   Ann M. KEITH m. 30 Sep 1820 to Miles CONWAY
   Amanda KEATH m. 10 Jan 1833 to Samuel JONES.
   Robert KEITH m. 12 Apr 1838 to Gracy SHANKLIN
   Silas T. KEITH m. 8 Nov 1842 to Martha TINSLEY
   James A.KEITH m. 6 Jan 1844 to Mahala M. OVERLY

FLOYD CO., KY  (1803 to 1859)
   Sarah KEATH m. 9 Feb 1843 to John RAMEY.
   Louisa KEITH m. 16 Feb 1858 to Aquilla HANNAN, Jr.

FRANKLIN CO., KY  (1790 to 1879)
   George KEITH m. 10 Feb 1806 to Elizabeth LYNCH.

HARDIN CO., KY  (1792 to 1839)
   Jacob KEITH m. 10 Oct 1803 to Rebecca HODGEN.
   William KEITH m. 17 Apr 1806 to Elizabeth STORM.
   Jesse KEITH m. 11 Oct 1810 to Nancy CASH.
   William KEITH m. 25 Oct 1816 to Patsey BROWN.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 7 Nov 1817 to John CASH,
   Priscilla KEITH m. 22 Sep 1820 to Shadrick DUNCAN.
   Susannah KEITH m. 6 Feb 1831 to Thomas Jefferson DRANE.

HARRISON CO., KY 1794 to 1833 
   Richard KEITH m. 7 Sep 1813 to Lettes WHITE.
   Sally Ann KEITH m. 21 Dec 1815 to William N.GEORGE.
   Rachel KEITH m. 22 Oct 1817 to William ELLIS.
   Levi KEITH m. 29 Jun 1820 to Mary HUFFSTUDLER.
   Michael KEITH m. 8 Aug 1821to Elizabeth DIXON.
   Michael KEITH m. 18 Oct 1821 to Jane HUFFSTUDLER.
   Rebecca KEITH m. 23 Apr 1823 to John MILLER.
   Rosannah KEITH m. 26 Oct 1824 to William ASHCRAFT.
   Maria KEITH m. 11 Jan 1825 to John SHUMATE.
   Jemima KEITH m. 11 Jan 1825 to Michael LEONARD.
   Catharine KEITH m. 16 Jan 1826 to John ASHCRAFT.
   Nancy KEITH m. 13 Apr 1826 to Garret WIGGENS.
   Malvina KEITH m. 18 Jul 1827 to William KENDRICK.
   Philip KEITH m. 22 Nov 1828 to Isabella WHITE.

HOPKINS CO., KY  (1768 to 1869)
   Alexander KEITH m. 12 Jul 1809 to Sarah MILLER.?

   James W. KEITH m. 24 Jan 1827 to Julia M. WASHBOURN.

JOHNSON CO., KY  (1843 to 1860)
   James KEITH m. 27 Oct 1845 to Sarah LEMASTER.
   Jane KEITH m. 5 Oct 1846 to Jesse BALL.
   Sarah KEITH m. 22 Aug 1850 to John VANHOOSE.

LARUE CO., KY (from Alex of MD)
   John A.KEITH m. 17 Mar 1850 to Margaret Ann WALTERS.

LEWIS CO., KY (from Rev James , VA)
   James M. KEITH m. 8 Jan 1835 to Cynthia Ann GARLAND.
   John R. KEITH m. 8 Jan 1845 to Mary E.WINTER.

LOGAN CO., KY  (1790 to 1897) 
   Christine KEITH m. 20 Apr 1792 to Moses WOOD.
   Christian KEATH m. 21 Jun 1795 to Moses PRESTON.
   Christina KEITH m. 23 Dec 1797 Benjamin DILLARD..?
   Alexander KEITH m. 16 Mar 1798 to Elizabeth STEWART.
   William KEITH m. 16 Apr 1798 to Sarah WOOD.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 31 May 1798 to Joseph WOOD.
   James KEITH m. 27 Apr 1803 to Margaret WOOD.

   Sarah KEETH m. 11 Aug 1796 to John BARNARD.
   Samuel KEETH m. 30 Nov 1796 to Winny EMBRY.
   Susannah KEETH m. 18 Jan 1809 to John BALES.
   Thomas KEETH m. 20 Feb 1813 to Delila WALKER.

MASON CO., KY  (1789 to 1895)
   Isabella KEITH m. 4 Sep 1794 to Owen HUMPHREYS, 
      [also shown in Montgomery Co) .
   Thomas KEITH m. 25 Mar 1799 to Judith KEY.
   Anderson KEITH m. 28 Oct 1808 to Mary DONIPHAN.
   George KEITH m. 10- ??-1811 to Agnes MACKOY.
   Eliza KEITH m. 29 Jul 1828 to Darius BERRY.
   Susan KEITH m. 24 Jun 1830 to James CLAYBROOKE.
   Isham KEITH m. 1 Jun 1831 to Didena FRAZEE.
   Charlotte L. M. KEITH m. 9 Aug 1833 to James A KEITH.
   Charles M. KEITH m. 14 Feb 1838 to Agness H.ROBERTSON.

MCLEAN CO., KY  (1854 to 1890)
   Hannah KEITH m. 06 Nov1856 to Job REEVES.
   Mary Jane KEITH m. 7 Mar 1865 to W. H. ANDERSON.?
   Martha KEITH m. 4 Jun 1867 to James R BERRY.
   Harriet KEITH m. 4 Jun 1867 to John R ANDERSON.
   Margaret I KEITH m. 27 Jul 1869 to William T. ADAMS.
   Nancy A KEITH m. 10 Apr 1872 to Thomas Z. GOSSETT.
   Lillie KEITH m. Mar 1879 to George F. SMITH.
   J. KEITH m. 1881 to Ann DAUGHERTY.

   John KEITH m. 27 Jun 1826 to Sarah SWINFORD.
   Mrs. Patsey KEATH, m. 31 Aug 1830 to RICHARDSON.
   Margaret KEATH m. 2 Jan 1831 to Warren C. KEITH,
   Henry KEITH m. 25 Jul 1833 to Susan LAWSON.
   Enos KEITH m. 21 Dec 1845 to Mary BERRY,

   Isabella KEITH m. 4 Sep 1794 to Owen HUMPHREYS, 
      [also shown in Mason Co] 

MUHLENBERG CO., KY  (1799 to 1900)
   John KEITH m. Sep 1803 to Rachel ARNOLD.
   Abner KEITH m. Jun 1804 to Madalena LASLEY.
   Alexander KEITH m. Jul 1809 to Sara MILLER.
   Joseph KEITH m. 23 Dec 1819 to Nancy BRACKETT.
   John KEATH m. 10 Dec 1820 to Martha DUVALL.
   Nancy KEITH m. 12 Jul 1822 to John RHODES.
   Levicia KEITH m. 2 Aug 1832 to William KNIGHT.
   Absale KEITH m m. 1 May 1836 to Hanna HOUPT (HOUYT).
   Silas KEATH m. 26 Mar 1840 to Ann DASSETT.
   Isam KEATH m. 14 Mar 1845 to Louisa S.VAUGHT.
   Wm KEITH m. 24 Apr 1850 to Christy Ann STRINGER.
   Pernette KEITH m. 29 Jul 1852 to Benj. H STRINGER.
   Ann KEITH m. 10 Aug 1852 to William G KENNY.
   Sallie KEITH m. 17 Sep 1853 to Isaac W. SKETOE.
   Tahlitha KEITH m. 24 Sep 1853 to William BATES.
   J. J. KEITH m. 12 Oct 1859 to Susan E. DUKES.
   Nancy KEITH m. to James ARNOLD.
   Amanda KEITH m. 24 Aug 1862 to James HUNTER.
   William KEITH m. 7 Jun 1864 to Mary Ann HEAY.
   Sarah KEITH m. 14 Jul 1875 to J. H. SMITH.

NELSON CO., KY  (1780 to 1815)
   Mary KEITH m. 10 Nov 1789 to Daniel RHODES.
   Nancy KEITH m. 10 Nov 1796 to Thomas DUVAL.
   Catharine KEITH m. 26 Dec 1797 to John HINTON.
   Amy KEITH m. 26 Nov 1798 to Caleb CARMAN.
   Sarah KEITH m. 20 Jul 1799 to William EDWARDS.
   John KEITH m. 14 Aug 1802 to Elizabeth ROGERS.
   Jno KEITH m. 6 Jan 1804 to Elizabeth IRWIN.
   Henry KEITH m. 2 Jul 1814 to Nelly EDMONSON.
   William KEITH m. 26 Sep 1818 to Mrs. Dolly HARLL.

NICHOLAS CO., KY  (1800 to 1869)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 10 Jan 1811 to John MCGUIRE.
   Rosannah KEITH m. 1 Oct 1812 to Henry SHELL.
   Rachel KEITH m. 7 Oct 1813 to Samuel KISER.
   William KEITH m. 25 May 1815 to Betsey TERRELL.
   John T. KEITH m. 24 Aug 1818 to Nancy WARNER.

   Sarah Jane KEITH m. 15 Nov 1852 to Robert WILLIAMS. 
   Gilly KEITH m. 3 Aug 1856 to P. A. BLAKELY.
   Josiah KEITH m. 16 Feb 1857 to Susan BURTON,
       Perry Huffstutter was surety; 
   Lydia KEITH m. 21 Sep 1857 to John H. COOPER.
   Rachel KEITH m. 4 Dec 1867 to William DAVIS.

OHIO CO., KY  (1799 to 1840)
   Benjamin KEITH m. 23 Jul 1828 to Elizabeth MILLS.
   Elizabeth Ann KEITH m. 21 Jun 1837 to Thomas J. BARRETT.
   William KEITH m. 27 Apr 1867 to Elizabeth TORRANCE
   William KEITH m. 4 Feb 1878 to Martha E. FAUGHT

   John D. KEITH m. 11 Dec 1834 to Marann THOMAS.

PIKE CO., KY  (1818 to 1875)
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 25 May 1845 to Hawkins F. JACKSON.
   C. B. KEITH m. 25 Sep 1873 to Martha A. BUCKLEY.

PULASKI CO., KY  (1799 to 1868)
   Claborn KEATH m. 24 Nov 1834 to Milly DURHAM.
   Stephen KEETH m. 1 May 1839 to Mahala BLACKLIDGE.
      [son of John and Polly (Allen) KEETH] West draft
   Hiram KEATH m. 21 Oct 1848 to Mary SMITH.
   George KEATH m. 4 Dec 1849 to Tamsey ROBERTS.
   Araminta KEATH m. 14 Oct 1850 to Levi HOLLERS.
   Hettie KEITH m. 13 Aug 1863 to William MARTIN.

   Rebecca KEITH m. 27 Dec 1835 to Patrick CARROLL.
   Celestonn KEITH m. 7 Aug 1846 to Joseph B.CORBIN.

   John KEATH m. 23 Nov 1820 to Rahama ALLEN.

   Elizabeth KEITH m. 23 Jul 1810 to Nicholas KIDWELL.

WAYNE CO., KY  (1801 to 1863)
   Daniel KEITH m. 25 Aug 1812 to Judith KENNEDY.
   John KEITH m. 14 Jan 1813 to Polly ALLEN.
   William KEITH m. 28 Nov1815 to Sarah NEVILL.
   William KEITH m. 6 May 1825 to Polly DANENPORT.
   Lavina KEITH m. 25 Jun 1833 to David CANADA.
   Lucinda KEITH m. 25 Aug 1842 to Levi NEW.
   Josiah [Joshua?] KEITH m. 29 Nov1849 to Elizabeth.WILSON.
   Cyrenous KEITH m. 29 Jan 1850 to Susannah THOMPSON.
   James KEITH m. 20 Sep 1852 to Mary THOMPSON.
   Cyrus [Cyrenus] KEITH m. 14 Jul 1859 to Levisa BLACK.
   Josiah KEITH m. 12 Aug 1858 to Parmelia CLARK.

WOODFORD CO., KY  (1722 to 1899)
   John KEITH m. 17 Dec 1800 to Jenny MATHEWS
   Katherine KEITH m. 3 Nov1802 to William S. HAWKINS.

Maine Marriages

   Mary KEITH m. 11 Nov 1878 to Jacob M. SIMMONS
   Alfred L. KEITH m. 26 Feb 1885 to Hattie W. BALLARD
   Mary A. KEITH m. 11 Jan 1889 to John W. BLAKE
   Samuel S. KEITH m. 13 Aug 1890 to Elizabeth CLANCY

Maryland marriages

   Margery KEITH m. 28 Sep 1708 to Joseph HOWARD.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 12 Feb 1737 to John BORLOE
   Ann KEITH m. 25 Dec 1777 to George WOODHOUSE.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 21 Jan 1807 to George WATTS.
   Sarah KEITH m. 29 Nov 1844 to Horatio PERRIN
   Harold Archa KEITH m. 18 Oct 1930 to Ruth M. KING.

   Margery KEITH m. 28 Sep 1708 as 3rd wife of Joseph HOWARD.
   David KEITH m. 25 Dec 1743 to Sarah KITELY.
   Mary KEITH m. 8 Feb 1754 to Solomon CROSS.
   Patrick KEITH m. 9 Dec 1776 to Esther REDMAN.
   Ann KEITH m. 25 Dec 1777 to George WOODHOUSE.
   Sarah KEITH m. 9 Jun 1780 to William McCARTER.
   Patrick KEITH m. 26 Jun 1780 to Nancy GODFREY
   Jane KEITH m. 12 May 1889 to James PATTERSON
   William KEITH m. 20 Apr 1795 to Mary STILLFORD.
   Price KEITH m. 5 Jan 1797 to Ann CRUTHERS.
   Alice KEITH m. 13 Jun 1801 to John ROBERTSON
   Harriet KEITH m. 25 Nov 1804 to Jeremiah O'NEIL
   Robert KEITH m. 15 Jan 1813 to Letty JORDAN
   Mrs. Harriet KEITH m. 1 Aug 1816 to John JENNINGS.
   Rebecca A. KEITH m. 27 Feb 1855 to Edward T. MASK
   George KEITH m. 20 Nov 1860 to Mary CALLIGAN.

   Martha KEITH m. 23 Feb 1782 to William VANCE

   Gerard KEITH m. 27 Dec 1782 to Eleanor LUSBY.
   Rebecca KEITH m. 8 Oct 1792 to Alexander GIBBONS.
   Edward KEITH m. 9 Dec 1793 to Ann LUSBY
      [one source says licensed 9 Feb 1793 to Ann LISBY]

   William H. KEITH m. 23 Oct 1866 to Clemence T. HYDE.
   Ruel KEITH m. 10 Nov 1874 to Louise M. CHILDS.

   Thomas KEITH d. 19 Aug 1804, age 26, native of Pomona.
   Ann KEITH of Anapolis d. 16 Feb 1805, advanced age.
   Edward Ellington KEITH d. 25 Jul 1875
   Susannah KEITH named as dau. in will of Henry BUTLER, 8 Jun 1745.
   Elizabeth S., wife of Ruel KEITH, d. 16 Dec 1840
   Margaret, wife of John KEITH, d. 2 May 1841.
   Lewis KEITH d. 1 May 1846.
   Mary, widow of Edward KEITH, d. 10 Aug 1848.
   Rev. William H. KEITH d. 4 Feb 1896, Great Falls.

Michigan Marriages

   Laura L. KEITH (18) m. 20 Nov 1866 to Guy C. BELDEN (24)
   Luzene KEITH (b. NY) m. 28 Sep 1867 to Turman HEMEMAWAY
   Anna M. KEITH (18) m. 17 Apr 1868 to Edgar SEETLAND (22)
      witnessed by Sheldon and Rhoda KEITH
   Fred KEITH m. 14 Apr 1875 to Ella E. FRAIN

Mississippi Marriages

   W A KEITH m. 22 Dec 1855 to Margarett C GURLEY.
   Wm A KEITH m. 26 Dec 1855 to Margaret C GURLEY.
   Margaret C KEITH m. 11 Jul 1865 to Thompson UNDERWOOD.
   Sallie A KEITH m. 20 Dec 1881 to M N LASSITER.
   Miss M B KEITH m. 21 Oct 1888 to J. S. GRAY.

   Mariah G. KEITH m. 30 Dec 1817 to Walker NASH.
   Mary KEITH m. 29 Dec 1817 to Philemon HILLS.
   Lemuel KEITH m. 24 Sep 1818 to Polly SUDDETH.
   Katury KEITH m. 7 Jan 1819 to Abner BROWN.
   David KEITH m. 12 Feb 1819 to Sally JENKINS.
   Daniel KEITH m. 11 Jun 1821 to Temple ADAMS
   Nancy KEITH m. 15 Aug 1827 to Owen HALGFORD
   David KEITH m. 20 Aug 1827 to Elizabeth M. JENKINS
   Betsy KEITH m. 15 Dec 1828 to Thomas A. RANDAL
   Hannah KEITH m. 19 Mar 1829 to Jacob ROWELL
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 9 Apr 1852 to James HOWELL.
   Sarah L. KEITH m. 19 Jan 1870 to Mark H. MARTIN.
   Mary J. KEITH m. 15 Dec 1874 to James W. BASS.
   Carrie KEITH m. 11 Mar 1879 to Benjamin CROCKER.
   Hanibal KEITH m. 7 Sep 1879 to Amelia WHITE.
   Dora KEITH m. 15 Mar 1887 to G. C. SCHNELLE.
   M. L. KEITH m. 10 Nov 1889 to M. A. DUKE.
   Ellen KEITH m. 2 Jan 1890 to John W. WILLIAMS.
   J. A. KEITH m. 16 Mar 1890 to Manetta DUKE.
   Reb. KEITH m. 30 Dec 1894 to Henry CRUTCHFIELD.

   J. Y. KEITH m. 22 Nov 1894 to Addie CRUSE.
   Bessie KEITH m. 25 Dec 1895 to Robert McCRARY.
   Minnie KEITH m. 16 Aug 1899 to T. E. McCRORY.
   W. P. KEITH m. 22 Oct 1902 to Effie ROBERTSON.
   Emmett H. KEITH m. 13 Jun 1908 to Lou Emma HUGHES.
   Mary KEITH m. 8 Dec 1909 to A. W. TISDALE.
   Pearl KEITH m. 4 Sep 1910 to J. M. BURNEY.
   Elijah Sanders KEITH m. 10 Aug 1910 to Olivia Bell ARMSTRONG.
   A. L. KEITH m. 1 Jan 1912 to Cora GUESS.
   J. Y. KEITH m. 15 Feb 1912 to Bet BRUCE.
   Della KEITH m. 24 Nov 1912 to J. E. PRITCHARD.
   Katherine KEITH m. 10 Feb 1915 to Clarence GUNTER.
   Bryan KEITH m. 5 Nov 1918 to Hattie ROBERSON.

   William KEITH m. 2 Jan 1883 to Mary McFARLAND.
   Nancy KEITH m. 19 Feb 1890 to Johnnie NELSON.
   William KEITH m. 14 Jan 1896 to Luvina JACKSON.

   Clahipa M. KEITH m. 12 Oct 1826 to Ammon BARR.

   Nathen KEITH m. 30 Dec 1868 to Rachael THOMAS.

   James J KEITH m. 1 Jan 1846 to Lydia PERKINS.
   Thomas I. KEITH m. 19 Jan 1846 to Sarah PERKINS.

   Tillman KEITH m. 25 Apr 1909 to Norine LEE.
   Ed Clark KEITH m. 21 Mar 1912 to Jessie Ella SALTER.
   Decey KEITH m. 15 Jun 1920 to Soloman A. SALIBA.

   Mrs. Laura A. KEITH m. 30 Jul 1868 to James H. MOORE.
   T. F. KEITH m. 1 Jan 1857 to Miss. L. A. JOHNSON.

   Robert M. KEITH m. 17 Jun 1908 to Billie LOTT.
   Sanders KEITH m. 11 Aug 1910 to Olivia ARMSTRONG.

   Caroline KEITH m. 20 Oct 1835 to Louis WOLF.

   Mrs. A. J. KEITH m. 11 Dec 1873 to R. W. BLACK.
   L. E. KEITH m. 1 Feb 1874 to S. C. WALTERS.
   Benjamin Frank KEITH m. 13 Jul 1875 to Mary A. DENNIS.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 24 Oct 1875 to Charles W. DENIS.

   Asa KEITH m. 30 Apr 1841 to Marian STUCKY.
   James KEITH m. 3 Nov 1841 to Mariann D. BROWN.
   William F. KEITH m. 11 Apr 1842 to Mary BROWN.
   Allen J. KEITH m. 13 Apr 1842 to Rhody W. OSBOURN.
   R. E. KEITH m. 29 Nov 1861 to John R. SANDERFORD.
   A. R. KEITH m. 26 Apr 1864 to Elizabeth C. SHANNON.
   M. M. KEITH m. 26 Feb 1867 to C. C. HALL.
   Mrs. E. C. KEITH m. 14 Dec 1867 to J. W. PAGE.
   Jennie KEITH m. 31 Oct 1900 to A. W. SMITH.

   Harry KEITH m. 14 Mar 1904 to Mary WEST.
   Walter KEITH m. 23 Sep 1906 to Vick PETERS.
   Mark Francis KEITH m. 4 Aug 1908 to Mattie Mckay Nola GRIFFIN.
   T. S. KEITH m. 20 Mar 1910 to Frank MCCROW.


   A. F. KEITH m. 18 Sep 1880 to Annie FONTAINE.

   Caroline I. KEITH m. 30 Apr 1833 to Jeremiah KIBBES.
   Alanson KEITH m. 24 Oct 1838 to Eliza B. LEONARD.

   James KEITH qualified as attorney, Aug 1812; d. 16 Dec 1817.
   Clarissa M. KEITH m. 13 Oct 1826 to Capt Amman BURR, Woodville.
   Mary Eliza KEITH m. 25 Apr 1848 to F.H. LeGRAND, Canton.
   Emily G. KEITH m. 18 Nov 1858 to John E. EVANS, Toulmonville.

   J. D. KEITH m. 30 Jul 1902 to Mattie CRUISE.
   J. O. KEITH m. 2 Jan 1909 to Jane HARDIN.
   Fannie KEITH m. 12 Apr 1913 to Johnnie SANDERS.

   Fannie KEITH m. 11 Dec 1876 to B. H. CARPENTER.
   Mary L. KEITH m. 11 Jun 1895 to T. L. FRAWICK.
   M. C. KEITH m. 12 Oct 1896 to Lula RUSSELL.
   A. E. KEITH m. 26 Jun 1899 to Eunice P. COURSEY.

   Ben KEITH m. 30 Apr 1874 to Laura LAWSON.
   W. W. KEITH m. 2 Apr 1887 to Mrs. Addie KINCHLOE.

   Arrena KEITH m. 15 Feb 1889 to William BRADLEY.
   Susan KEITH m. 5 Aug 1889 to George WELCHER.

   V. V. KEITH m. 12 Aug 1933 to F. O. GARICK.

   Hattie E. KEITH m. 23 Feb 1871 to Charles B. NEILSON.
   Steve KEITH m. 13 Nov 1877 to Mary BOWEN.

   John A. KEITH m. 15 Nov 1859 to Sarah C. JOHNSON.
   Alsey A. KEITH m. 19 Nov 1860 to William M. PARK.
   Sallie H. KEITH m. 1862 to G. W. MORTON.
   John A. KEITH m. 7 Jan 1866 to Mary A. RICHARDSON.
   James Y. KEITH m. 9 Feb 1868 to Mary GRAY.
   F. P. KEITH m. 29 Nov 1879 to Miss. E. C. HOPPER.
   Mary L. KEITH m. 13 Mar 1887 to M. M. WIGGS.
   Cora KEITH m. 22 Jan 1896 to B. R. S. ARKLEY.
   Frank KEITH m. 22 Nov 1896 to Lenora ELLIOTT.

   J. W. KEITH m. 23 Mar 1889 to Delia COLLINS.

   Martha A. KEITH m. 21 Dec 1883 to W.B. HAMMOND.
   A, C. KEITH m. 28 Jan 1885 to W. N. MOORE.
   Hattie KEITH m. 25 Aug 1886 to Dan EASTERLING.
   Glenn M. KEITH m. 9 Jul 1900 to Willie SHORES.
   Emma KEITH m. 27 Nov 1900 to J. D. WADE.
Cemetery records: Hollandale
      J. N. KEETH (30 Dec 1827; d. 20 May 1902.
      Laura, wife of L.G, (b. 10 Jun 1852; d. 4 May 1887).
      L. G. KEETH (b. 14 Oct 1847; d. 30 Nov 1886).
      J.C. KEETH (b. 23 Apr 1859; d. 25 Nov 1885).
      H. N. KEETH (b. 18 Mar 1861; d. 2 Dec 1857).
      A. M. KEETH (b. 5 Apr 1847) d. 19 Oct 1895).
      John Henry KEITH (b. 23 Jun 1870; d. 22 Dec 1944).
      Charles Lewis KEITH (b. 30 Oct 1877; d. 5 Dec 1947).
      Minnie Ellece KEITH (b. 17 Feb 1887; d. 3 Mar 1964).

   Clahipa M. KEITH m. 12 Oct 1826 to Ammon BARN.
   Daniel KEITH m. 7 Aug 1808 to Elizabeth STAULTS.

   H. D. KEITH m. 3 May 1854 to A. M. MOORE.
   Hattie E. KEITH m. 24 Jun 1871 to Alphonzo J. BLACK.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 23 Jan 1876 to William BRADFORD.
   J. E. KEITH m. 27 Jul 1880 to G. W. KNIGHT.
   C. K. KEITH m. 21 Dec 1880 to J. R. EDRINGTON.
   M. D. KEITH m. 23 Dec 1886 to Emma COLLUMS.

   Maggie KEITH m. 5 Dec 1883 to C. H. BAKER.

   Henrietta KEITH m. 4 Oct 1884 to Henry FRASIER.
   Mary KEITH m. 7 Oct 1887 to Thomas MANNING.
   Richard KEITH m. 23 Dec 1896 to Sallie FIELDS.

Missouri Marriages

   Mary E. KEITH m. 7 Nov 1839 to Joseph R. WHITESCARVER.
   George G KEITH m. 19 Sep 1850 Ann M. WILLS.

   Sarah Emeline KEITH m. 8 Apr 1866 to Isaac LOTT
   Manuel Jefferson KEITH m. 9 May 1867 to Mary Frances PATTY.
   Mary E. KEITH m. 11 Oct 1870 to Joseph H. ARMOR.
   Dicy Ann KEITH m. 23 Mar 1871 to Horace BATES, 
      at Ash Hill residence of Couney KEITH.
   Emma Jane KEITH m. 5 Apr 1872 to William AVERY.
   Isaac KEITH m. 28 Jun 1874 to Beccaan BONE/BOON/BOEN.
   Isham KEATH m. 3 Sep 1876 to Matta ARMOR, at house of J. H. ARMOR.

   Mathew KEITH m. 25 Apr 1858 to Mary McCOWAN.
   Elizabeth E. KEITH m. 20 Nov 1874 to John J. WOODS 
      (married by A.C. KEITH, J.P.)
   Alex KEITH m. 19 Dec 1877 to Lucy CHAPMAN.

   Catherine KEITH m. 20 Jun 1860 to Abram J. CLARK.
   Marion KEITH m. 24 Oct 1894 to Anna GOBEN.

   Cornelius KEITH m. 9 Nov 1849 to Pheoby SMITH.

   Benjamin (Berryman?) KEITH m. 27 May 1844 to Emily BURK.

   Mary KEITH m. 19 Jun 1869 to James HAWKS.
   Mary E KEITH m. 13 Aug 1876 to John W. HODGES.
   Martha KEITH m. 15 Sep 1876 to Elijah W. BOWER.
   F M KEITH m. 23 Nov 1877[family says 1865] to Louisa J. BENNETT

   Thomas KEATH m. 13 May 1849 to Rhoda HARRIS.

   Margaret KEITH m. 13 Apr 1843 to Henry D. KELSO.
   Hiram KEITH m. 14 Oct 1846 to Elizabeth W. SUTTON.
   R. F. KEITH m. 11 Mar 1848 to Mary E. WYATT.
   Jacob KEITH m. 5 May 1850 to Mary Jane SCHOOLER.
   Margaret J. KEITH m. 18 Dec 1856 to Dennis THARP.

   Pinkey KEITH m. 14 Jul 1863 to Marion HAMBY
   Margurite Ann KEETH m. 25 Jun 1866 to Tennessee Anderson JONES
   Lucy Ann KEITH m. 3 Oct 1869 to David W. SUTHERLAND
   Eliza Jane KEETH m. 16 Apr 1871 to John WIMBERLY
   Minta KEITH m. 13 Apr 1884 to John H. ROPER
   Francis A. KEITH m. 22 Apr 1884 to Sarah C. RICHARDSON

   Isabel KEITH m. 5 May 1859 to John B. TAYLOR
   Mary Jane KEITH m. 17 Jul 1862 to Joseah DICKSON
   Robert KEITH m. 15 Feb 1865 to Mollie JENNINGS
   Bettie KEITH m. 12 Jan 1870 to George C. WOLFE
   James KEITH m. 12 Mar 1873 to Mattie HENRY
   Mary E. KEITH m. 19 Sep 1875 to Thompson E. BARNETT
   Dr. J. M. KEITH m. 14 Sep 1876 to Mrs. L. J. HEREFORD
   John W. KEITH m. 27 Feb 1878 to Alvira J. SYDENSTRICKLER

   July KEITH m. 28 Oct 1846 to John C. PACE.

   Jacob KEITH m. 8 Sep 1840 to Mary WILSON.
   Mary KEITH m. 10 Sep 1840 to Ira BLAKLEY.

   Lucy KEATH m. 30 Aug 1838 to Bowler D. DAVIS.
   Christiana KEITH m. 20 Mar 1855 to William MADDUX.

MILLER CO., MO (see VA-2)
   Andrew J. KEATH m. 16 Feb 1845 to Libby CARLTON
   John KEITH m. 6 Oct 1847 to Katherine WHITTLE.
   Nancy Jane KEITH m. 2 Jan 1850 to Levi WHITTLE.

   William Thomas KEITH m. 22 Oct 1846 to Mary Ann SMITH.

   Samuel L. KEITH of Moniteau Co., MO m. 25 Mar 1886 to
   Ella M., daughter of J.R. SLOCUM.

   Caroline KEITH m. 16 Dec 1847 to John T. SCOTT.

   Elizabeth J. (Eliza?) KEITH m. 8 Dec 1829 to Greenlee HAYS.
   Judson M. KEATH m. 6 Sep 1831 to Sarah HAMMER.
   Matilda Ann KEITH m. 10 Apr 1836 to Henry LOWER.
   Matilda KEITH m. 10 Apr 1836 to Henry TROWER.
   Richard V. KEITH m. 17 Aug 1843 to July Ann COBB.
   Stephen H. KEATH m. 6 Aug 1846 to Emily YOUNG.
   Eliza KEITH m. 18 Apr 1849 to Stephen C. ELMORE.
   Enos F. KEITH m. 10 Dec 1858 to Frances R. LEE.
   Stephen H. KEITH m. 10 Mar 1864 to Sally M. COE.
   William M. KEITH m. 28 Dec 1865 to Jemima COX.
   James KEITH m. 12 Feb 1867 to Mrs. Minerva KEITH.
   Lavina J. KEITH m. 15 Oct 1867 to BONSON/BENSON.
   Margaret M. KEITH m. 6 Jan 1868 to Jefferson WOODSON.
   Jno. J. KEITH m. 23 Dec 1869 to Rebecca V. DAVIS.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. Levi JAMES.
   J. L. KEITH m. 3 Jul 1870 to Caroline B. MYSER.
   Clayton KEITH m.5 Jun 1873 to Mary BARNARD.
   John J. KEITH m.1 Oct 1881 to Mittie E. NALLEY.
   Stephen S. KEITH m. 13 Mar 1883 to Missouri C. MOORE.
   Reuben P. KEITH m. 21 Dec 1889 to Annie P. COPENHAVER.
   Enos F. Keith m. 12 Oct 1891 to Mrs. Martha DAVIS.

   Perry KEITH m. 10 Aug 1852 to Elizabeth COCKRELL.

POLK CO., MO (children of Moses KEITH)
   James KEITH m. 19 Feb 1850 to Narcissa Elisabeth HOWE.
   Judia KEATH m. 18 Mar 1851 to John JENKINS.
   Charlotte KEATH m. 30 Apr 1851 to Frances A. TUCKNESS.
   Susannah KEITH m. 26 Oct 1852 to Pryor B. LOW.
   Bersheba KEITH m. 27 Oct 1853 to James SHAW.
   Rufus KEITH m. 3 Nov 1856 to Sarah Ann MOSS.
   Anderson KEITH m. 3 Mar 1859 to Sarah E. HORNE (HOWE?).

   John S. KEITH m. Penelope
   Florence D. KEITH m. 1 Oct 1887 to Green C.C. CAVENS.

   Jane KEATH m. 20 Apr 1837 to Francis EVANS.

   Susannah KEITH m. 30 Jul 1826 to Nathan LINSON
   Mrs. Sarah KEITH m. 28 Oct 1838 to Anthony HUDDLESTON.
      [second source says they m. St Francois Co., MO.
   John B.KEITH m. 8 Apr 1858 to Sarah J, MCFARLAND.
   Abram W.KEITH m. 2 Jul 1859 to Mgt MCFARLAND.

   Susannah KEITH m. 30 Jul 1826 to Nathan LINSON.
   Pleasant G. KEITH m. 18 May 1831 to Clarinda BAKER
      second source says 8 May 1831, St. Clair Co., MO.
   James KEITH m. 8 May 1831 to Catherine MANNING.
   Mrs. Sarah KEITH m. 28 Oct 1838 Anthony HUDDLESTON.
      [second source says they m. St Clair Co., MO.
   John B. KEITH m. 8 Apr 1858 to Sarah J. McFARLAND.
   Abram W. KEITH m. 2 Jul 1859 to Margaret McFARLAND.

   David KEITH m. 27 feb 1834 to Esther WOODS.
   Susannah C. KEITH m. 30 Jan 1837 to Francis A. GUINETTE.
   Hellen M. KEITH m. 24 Jan 1842 to Henry WHITE.
   James M. KEITH m. 19 Sep 1842 to Margaret WAISHAW.
   Eliza P. KEITH m. 26 Dec 1844 to William C. MARTIN.
   Mary A. KEITH m. 9 Sep 1860 to John W. LAUGHLIN.
   Eliza W. KEITH m. 25 Aug 1863 to Fredrich H. HASKELL.
   Margaret KEITH m. 25 Dec 1863 to John B. SMITH.
   Maggie KEITH m. 3 Jul 1872 to Robert HARPER..?
   John G. KEITH m. 12 Nov 1874 to Louise WILD..?
   Eva KEITH m. 19 Jan 1876 to William F. KIRBY...?

   William KEETH m. 9 Apr 1834 to Mrs. Elizabeth BREWER.

North Carolina Marriages

   Ann KEITH m. 17 Nov 1837 to Calvin E. BRYANT (also shown in TN)

   William A. KEITH m. 16 Nov 1853 to Virginia S. CLARY.
      [also a William A. in Wake Co., NC.]

   William KEITH, Jr. m. 22 Oct 1804 to Sarah REED

   Thomas S. KEETH m. 22 Feb 1843 to Sally M. STEVELY.
      (see 1850, Yancey Co.)

   Eliza KEITH m. 17 Jan 1826 to Charles F.DORTON.

   Hiram KEITH m. 7 May 1833 to Rachael SIMMONS.

   Hugh KEITH m. 5 Nov 1809 to Catharine McCOLLUM.

   William M. KEITH m. 29 Apr 1858 to Dovery EPPS
     [George Keith, bond]

   marriage bond 1780: Parmelia KEITH and John ALLEN.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 28 Sep 1813 to Lewis EMORY
     [Lemuel Keith, bond]
   Wesley KEITH m. 5 Dec 1839 to Gilley Ann JACKSON.
     [Lemuel Keith, bond]
   William KEITH m. 8 Sep 1831 to Mary TIPPETT.
   Wesley KEATH m. 7 Feb 1860 to Polly Ann SHERRIN.
   Isaac KEATH m. 6 Jul 1868 to Louisa SMITH. 
   Nathaniel KEITH m. 2 Oct 1879 to Elnora O'BRIANT.
   Judson Hillman KEITH m. 24 Dec 1886 to Rebecca Elizabeth O'BRIANT.

   Henry S. KEITH m. 10 Feb 1861 to Emelia HEDGECOCK.
   Tempey [Temperance A.] KEITH m. 5 Apr 1866 Jacob MAYNARD.

   Souarta KEITH m. 12 Dec 1852 to Allen WHITE.
   Peter KEITH m. 1 Jan 1855 to Elizabeth Jane RICE
     [James Keith, bond]
   Matilda KEITH m. 21 Jun 1857 to Lewis P. CHAMBERS.
   Margaret L. KEITH m. 27 Oct 1859 to Jesse FISHER.
   W. H. KEITH m. 20 Jul 1862 to H.E. McMAHAN [A. HUSTON, bond]
   Margaret KEITH m. 29 Aug 1862 to Levi CALLAHAN.
   James G. KEITH m. 18 Aug 1864 to Lucinda RAY
   Thomas W. KEITH m. 4 Sep 1864 to Jane ANDERSON.

   Benjamin F. KEITH m. 29 Jul 1854 to Mary MARSHALL.
   Lemuel L. KEITH m. 8 Jun 1858 to Zelpha LEWIS.
   Wiley P. KEITH m. 10 Jul 1859 to Fanny GREEN.
   George W. KEITH m. 14 Feb 1861 to Priscilla JAMES.
   George W. KEITH m. 4 Feb 1866 to Mary J. MILLER.
   Calvin KEITH m. 8 Aug 1867 to Caroline ROBINSON.
   Daffny KEITH, dau of Susan, m. 29 Nov 1867 to John BREST
   Israel F. KEITH m. 9 Dec 1867 to Mary Elizabeth MURRAY.

   Elizabeth KEATH m. 2 Aug 1859 to Robert OUTLAND.

   Matilda KEETH m. 27 Feb 1861 to Caleb HARRIS.

   E. C. KEITH (25) m. 25 Mar 1906 to Florence MANNEY (25)
   Emory L. KEITH (18) m. 16 Jun 1905 to Flora ROSE (18)

   Mary KEATH m. 15 Jan 1799 to Burgis STONE

   James KEITH m. 15 Oct 1812 to Margret KANUP
   Simon KEETH m 6 Oct 1817 to Sarah KANUP
   Sihon KEETH m. 21 Feb 1846 to Barbara STONER.
   George KEITH m. 5 Jan 1862 to Anna Catherine LENTZ

   Rebecca KEETH 7 Jun 1846 to m. Burge SUTFIN
     [John C. Keeth, bond].
   Eliza KEATH m. 31 Jan 1856 to John KERBY
     [ancestor of Larry King]

   Constant KEITH m. 25 Oct 1793 to James SMITH...?
   Britian KEITH m. 12 Mar 1802 Leddy SEAT
     [George Keith, bond]
   George KEETH m. 8 Oct 1802 to Elisabeth SEAT
     [Britain KEITH, bond]
   Lemuel KEITH m. 11 Feb 1807 to Susanna CHAPPEL
     [George Keith, bond]
   John KEITH m. 29 Jan 1825 to Gilly GRADY.
   Daniel KEATH m. 5 Apr 1826 Biddy SPEARS
   Biddy KEATH m. 9 Oct 1827 to William ROCHELL.
   Middy KEATH m. 18 Mar 1828 Joseph WARD.
   Jonathan KEITH m. 21 Dec 1830 to Prissey ESTIS
     [Daniel Keith, bond]
   Benjamin KEITH m. 10 May 1832 Ann FERRELL
     [Daniel Keith, bond]
   James KEITH m. 8 Oct 1832 to Nancy HUTSON
   Lemuel KEITH m. 4 Aug 1834 to Nancy FLETCHER
     [Daniel Keith, bond]
   Nancy KIETH m. 17 Feb 1836 to Kindred GOODWIN (or GOODMAN)
   Bryant KEATH m. 1 Oct 1844 Betsey Green DAVIS
     [Fenner KEITH, bond]
   Mary Ann KEATH m. 20 Jun 1852 to Louico WILKINS
     [Fenner KEATH, bond]
   Mary KEATH m. 12 Jun 1853 to Allan F. DAVIS.
   Christopher KEATH m. 11 Oct 1853 to Emilus BLENN
     [Wesley KEATH, bond]
   Hillman KEITH m. 12 Nov 1854 to Jane RAY.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 21 Jul 1855 to Willie P. WARREN.
   Nancy (Hutson) KEITH m. 23 Aug 1855 to George WILLIAMS.
   Jacksey B. KEITH m. 29 Nov 1855 to Fabius WATSON.
   Jailey KEITH m. 6 Jun 1858 to Johnson MEDLIN.
   Simeon S. KEITH m. 7 Jul 1859 to Caroline KEITH
     [J.H. Keith, bond]
   Susan A. KEITH m. 4 Aug 1859 to James R. WARREN.
   Jane KEITH m. 30 Mar 1863 to Thomas V. BUNCH.
   Bryant KEITH m. 20 Mar 1864 to Ann E. H. LOWERY
     [Lemuel KEITH, bond]
   William A. KEITH m. 9 May 1866 to Hawkins POWELL.
   George A. KEITH m. 18 Aug 1868 to Sarah Jane, daughter
      of Alexander POOL
   Amanda KEITH m. 2 Dec 1868 to Daniel CANNON.

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