Keith Marriages TX-WV

Texas Marriages

   M. S. KEITH m. 23 Oct 1879 to Miss. N. R. SEDBURY.

   B. M. KEITH m. 5 Jul 1863 to Sarah Jane BLAIR.
   Lydia M. KEITH m. 5 Jul 1863 to James McGOUGH.
   T. E. KEITH m. 4 Jul 1864 to E. J. SUTTON.
   Eli KEITH m.13 Mar 1871 to Maryann C. ARTHUR.
   Ida KEITH m. 24 Sep 1876 to T. E. NORTHCUTT.
   J. L. KEITH m. 1 Sep 1881 to Sarah CONE.
   H. B. KEITH m. 10 Apr 1882 to Miss M. L. VAUGHT.
   Miss N. C. KEITH m. 13 Apr 1882 to William G. MORRIS.
   W. T. KEITH m. 10 Dec 1882 to Sarah A. WARREN.
   J. L. KEITH m. 22 Jul 1883 to M. A. CONE.
   N. A. KEITH m. 13 Oct 1889 to J. F. WHARTON.
   James Edward KEITH m. 23 Dec 1889 to Nancy E. JEFFRIES.

   James KEITH m 24 March 1867 to Mary A. CASTLES.

   B. M. KEITH m. 5 Jul 1863 to Sarah Jane BLAIR.
   Lydia M. KEITH m. 5 Jul 1863 to James B. McGOUGH.
   T. E. KEITH m. 4 Jul 1864 to E. J. SUTTON.
   Eli KEITH m. 23 Mar 1871 to Maryann C. ARTHUR
   Martha E. KEITH (b. 1859, AL) m. 28 Feb 1876
      to William RATLIFF.
   Ida KEITH m. 24 Sep 1876 to T. E. NORTHCUTT.
   Amanda C. KEITH m. 11 Oct 1878 to Robert NORTHCUTT.
   James Edward KEITH m. 23 Dec 1880 to Nancy E. JEFFRIES.
   Miss N. C. KEITH m. 13 Apr 1882 to William G. MORRIS.
   W. T. KEITH m. 10 Dec 1882 to Sarah A. WARREN.
   H. B. (Halbert Birdwell) KEITH m. 10 Apr 1886 to
      Miss. M. L. VAUGHT.
   Miss. N. (Nancy)A. KEITH m. 13 Oct 1889 to J. F. WHARTON
   W. G. (George W.) KEITH m. 28 Apr 1892 to
      Miss. Florence McWILLIAMS.
   Miss. Josie KEITH m. 14 Sep 1892 to C. C. NAIL.
   W. J. KEITH m. 14 Dec 1892 to Miss. A. M. COX.
   Miss Maud KEITH m. 1 Jul 1894 to Hill HUDDLESTON.
   Miss. Mary L. KEITH m. 2 May 1897 to J. T. BOWEN.
   Miss. Flora KEITH m. 10 Sep 1897 to Rufus GOBER.
   Miss. Rosa KEITH m. 10 Sep 1899 to John BROWN.
   Alfred KEITH m. 1 Jul 1900 to Miss. Clara H. ANDERSON.
   Miss. Cora KEITH m. 22 Jul 1903 to Allen LIGHTFOOT.
   G. C. KEITH m. 13 Oct 1903 to Miss. Dora ALEXANDER.
   Ollie KEITH m. 27 Nov 1903 to Miss Mabel ISAACS.
   Ben F. KEITH m. 9 Jul 1905 to Miss. Dora BROWN.
   Miss. Annie May KEITH m. 16 Aug 1909 to W. A. REECE.
   Miss. Maggie KEITH m. 4 Jun 1910 to D. E. ANDRESS.
   Miss. Jessie KEITH m. 10 Dec 1910 to David W. RIGGS.
   W. J. KEITH m. 19 Apr 1912 to Mrs Lizzie ALLEY.
   Miss. Frances KEITH m. 22 Dec 1912 to Albert ANDREWS.
   Miss. Dola KEITH m. 21 Dec 1913 to E. W. TERRY.
   Miss. Alice KEITH m. 3 Mar 1914 to Tom BLACK.
   C. B. KEITH m. 2 Dec 1914 to Miss. Ethel WHITE.
   Miss. Mary Esther KEITH m. 4 Jul 1915 to W. A. LOGAN.
   Erskine KEITH m. 9 Dec 1915 to Miss Winnie BANNER.
   Miss. Bessie KEITH m. 23 Jul 1916 to Earl CLARK.
   Miss. Grace KEITH m. 9 May 1917 to P. J. COX.
   William KEITH m. 11 Jan 1920 to Miss. Leola SMITH.

   Robert KEITH m. 12 May 1902 to Susie KEITH.

   Leonard Dean KEITH m. 4 May 1947 to Reba Nell, daughter
      of Albert A. and Ova Alena (Johnson) STEPHENSON.

   Elzy L. KEITH m. 25 Dec 1922 to Ilda BARNES.
   Harry KEITH m. 20 Nov 1939 to Emale HESS.
   Tolbert D KEITH, Jr m. 4 Oct 1973 to Mrs. Eliza MILES.

   A. J. KEITH m. 5 Oct 1884 to Mollie SANFORD.

   J. M. KEITH m. 24 Aug 1869 to Paralee EDWARDS.
   Virginia KEITH m. 3 Oct 1869 to John S. O'NEAL.
   Mary C. KEITH m. 27 Dec 1870 to John S. HYATT.
   R. I. KEITH m. 9 Mar 1871 to John H. WILLIAMSON.
   George M. KEITH m. 27 Jul 1871 to Sarah T. EMBERSON.
   C. J. KEITH m. 16 Oct 1873 to Mary A. BLACKSTOCK.
   Charity KEITH m. 18 Jan 1874 to John DAVIS.
   Mary P. KEITH m. 2 Nov 1874 to F. P. NORTHCUTT.
   W. S. KEITH m. 12 Dec 1875 to Maggie BURNS.
   George W. KEITH m. 25 Dec 1875 to Sarah MCEACHERN.
   M. E. KEITH m. 14 Feb 1876 to J. L. ONEAL.
   G. W. KEITH m. 15 Oct 1876 to Sallie J. BOURN.
   S. M. KEITH m. 24 Dec 1876 to M. F. WHITTENBURG.
   Graves KEITH m. 1 Jul 1877 Lydia REED.
   V. E. KEITH m. 7 Jan 1878 to C. C. MCKOY.
   C. Y. KEITH m. 6 Apr 1878 to C. BRUMBELOW.
   Mollie KEITH m. 16 Jun 1878 to Peter FADE.
   William KEITH m. 2nd 23 Jun 1878 to Adaline L. LESLEY.
   N. D. KEITH m. 1 Aug 1878 to Bettie BOURN.
   E. A. KEITH m. 4 Sep 1878 to D. W. MCKOY.
   Sarah KEITH m. 23 Mar 1879 to John H. DAVENPORT.
   Rosa KEITH m. 16 May 1879 to George WRIGHT.
   G. R. KEITH m. 20 Nov 1879 to Emma JONES.
   F. P. E. KEITH m. 9 Dec 1880 to Dennis CLEARY.
   J. L. KEITH m. 21 Apr 1881 to Mattie BOURNE.
   Pallie KEITH m. 15 Sep 1881 to B. S. HIGGINBOTHAM.
   L. O. KEITH m. 22 May 1882 to M. M. DIXON.
   Ruth KEITH m. 8 Jun 1882 to J. T. ROSS.
   Elba KEITH m. 24 Dec 1882 to F. W. HAM .
   Joseph KEITH m. 26 Aug 1883 to L. M. MARSHALL.
   M. N. KEITH m. 16 Dec 1883 to Carrolla JONES.
   Laura KEITH m. 14 Jun 1885 to J. M. HEAD.
   C. J. KEITH m. 23 Aug 1885 to Mary E. COOK.
   Laura L. KEITH m. 14 Feb 1886 to J. R. KIRK.
   S. N. KEITH m. 4 Apr 1886 to Marilla ROSS.
   Josie KEITH m. 22 Aug 1886 to Joel SHOEMAKER.
   M. E. KEITH m. 10 Dec 1886 to W. L. EWING.
   Lura E. KEITH m. 19 Jan 1887 to J. H. SAGISTER.
   Eppie KEITH m. 7 Aug 1887 to R. S. CARR.
   Eunna KEITH m. 5 Apr 1888 to J. H. BOYD.
   R. E. KEITH m. 26 Jul 1888 to S. M. JONES.
   A. F. KEITH m. 31 Dec 1888 to Samuel H. LONG.
   J. L. KEITH m. m. 25 Dec 1889 to Josie KUYKENDALL.
   Josephine KEITH m. 2 Feb 1890 to Joel SHOEMAKER.
   Walter V. KEITH m. 10 Feb 1890 to Lucy BROWN.
   Carrie KEITH m. 9 Nov 1890 to R. H. KINSEY.
   W. G. KEITH m. 1 Dec 1890 to Sallie INGERSALL.
   Uel KEITH m. 3 Dec 1891 to Lula HARWOOD.
   Ewel KEITH m. 2 Mar 1893 to S. M. HALL.
   A. B. KEITH m. 11 Jun 1893 to L. S. JONES.
   L. D. KEITH m. 16 Jul 1893 to Sarah REID.
   S. E. KEITH m. 16 Jul 1893 to Dora JONES.
   Valiant KEITH m. 15 Oct 1893 to Livionia WRIGHT.
   J. B. KEITH m. 24 Dec 1893 Katie ROBERSON.
   Lecy KEITH m. 28 Dec 1893 to C. B. MULLINS.
   Minnie KEITH m. 5 Apr 1894 to William HOLLEY.
   Vilena KEITH m. 17 Jun 1894 to J. B. ATOR.
   Guy KEITH m. 23 Dec 1894 to Rosa CAUDLE. 
   W. KEITH m. 28 Nov 1895 to Nellie P. BISHOP.
   George W. KEITH m. 24 Dec 1895 to Buena JONES. 
   Alec KEITH m. 29 Mar 1896 to Belle WRIGHT.
   John R. KEITH m. 28 Feb 1897 to Ella SMITH.
   Ola KEITH m. 25 Jul 1897 to R. M. CLIFT.
   Perry KEITH m. 13 Jan 1898 to Annie RODGERS.
   Edna KEITH m. 30 Oct 1898 to Munroe STOVER.
   Bessie KEITH m. 1 Nov 1898 to George MORRIS.
   J. M. KEITH m. 26 Dec 1898 to Clara FOSTER.
   Harve KEITH m. 25 Jun 1899 to Laura BRYAN.
   Georgie KEITH m. 27 Dec 1899 to Z. Z. HAWK.

   O. L. KEITH m. 20 Nov 1873 to Martha A. SCOTT.
   W. W. KEITH m. 1894 to Lillian HOBSON.
   John P. KEITH m. 18 Nov 1894 to Jessie SAUNDERS.
   T. W. KEITH m. 20 May 1897 to Cora BROMLEY.
   W. O. KEITH m. 26 Oct 1905 to Beulah WILLIAMS.
   Hedley KEITH m. 22 1920 to Dorris WELCH (or WEICH).
   Paul KEITH m. 7 Jun 1930 to Lois SESSUMS.

   Green W. KEITH m. 31 May 1849 to Sarah L. BROWN.
   George W. KEITH m. 20 Nov 1850 to Neoma BRUMBALOW.
   Rebecca J. KEITH m. 17 Nov 1870 to Harris YORK.
   S. E. KEITH m. 1 Jun 1876 to W. A. SHAM.
   E. L. KEITH m. 5 Apr 1884 to V. T. FOSTER.
   Attie KEITH m. 29 Nov 1888 to E. D. BICKHAM.

   Mary Eleanor KEITH m. 16 Jun 1868 to Isham LYNN.
   George Jones KEITH m. 17 Feb 1875 to Pink Oen HENSLEY.
   N. E. KEITH m. m. 6 Apr 1882 to H. C. KEE.
   Mary KEITH m. 7 Jan 1891 to George M. WATSON.
      her mother is Mary L.
   Edward D. KEITH m. 9 Aug 1891 to Lottie HART.

   Albert KEITH m. 7 May 1945 to Rosa Lee JONES.
   Mary Ann KEITH m. 3 May 1855 to Josiah C. TRAYLOR.
   Simon J. KEITH m. 10 Nov 1858 to Louisiana BROOKS.

children from Jehu W. KEITH:
   Kosciusko D. KEITH m. 3 Dec 1857 to M. J. MCGAFFEY.
   John W. KEITH m. 17 Oct 1866 to Hassie LONG.
   Allie (Alabama) KEITH m. 1 Jan 1868 to A. E. VAUGHAN.
   Frank KEITH m. 29 Mar 1882 to Alice CARROLL.
   John L. KEITH m. 12 Nov 1884 to Ida LONG.
   Cortez KEITH m. 26 Nov 1888 to G. V. RIDLEY.
   W. F. KEITH m. 31 Jul 1899 to Seawillow CASWELL.
children of George KEITH:
   Mary KEITH m. 11 Jan 1847 to Peter D. STOCKHOLM.
   Lydia KEITH m. 21 May 1857 to H. F. M. BEVIL.
   Ellen KEITH m. 29 Sep 1864 to William H. HARRISON.
   Susan KEITH m. 27 Sep 1866 to William GENTZ.
   Oliver KEITH m. 2 Sep 1869 to Margaret ROGERS.
   Isa J. KEITH m. 12 Dec 1875 to James F. RODGERS.
   Mrs Sarah E. KEITH m. 26 Oct 1879 to R. R. RIDLEY.
   George KEITH m. 23 May 1894 to Matilda BLOCK.

   H. E. KEITH m. 19 Nov 1861 to Samantha HENSLEY.
   R. P. KEITH m. 30 Oct 1887 to Ola POOLE.
   W. Y. KEITH m. 30 Oct 1892 to Maggie BARBOUR.

   Bertha Beatrice KEITH m. 1894 to Henry Alexander GLENN.

   Phebe KEITH m. 3 Dec 1861 to Willson BANKS.
   Martha KEITH m. 28 Apr 1864 to George W. MAY.

   Anne Elizabeth KEITH m. 28 Nov 1872 to Albert HARRELL.
   Martha V. KEITH m. 1 Jan 1875 to George H. HEFRIN.
   J. A. KEITH m. 26 Aug 1880 to Miss. M. F. LADD.

   Nicholas W. KEITH m. 6 Oct 1859 to Elizabeth J. GENTRY.
   J. N. KEITH m. 16 Dec 1878 to Lucy TYSON.
   W. M. KEITH m. 17 Sep 1879 to Martha E. HARRIS.

   Polly KEITH m. 26 Aug 1866 to William PHELPS.
   Henry C. KEITH m. 7 Dec 1882 to Arizona DURHAM.
   J. C. KEITH m. 13 Dec 1883 to Mary A. WILLIAMS.
   B. F. KEITH m. 31 Feb 1884 to Farraby SHIVERS.

   Mrs. Frances E. (White) KEITH m. 1873 to Jim M. CHESER.

   Samuel KEITH m. 27 Apr 1884 to Rosie SIMPSON.
   Nellie KEITH m. 13 Mar 1888 to C. O. GRAHAM.
   W. J. KEITH m. 16 Sep 1893 to Emma PACE.

Virginia Marriages

   Daniel KEITH m. 22 Apr 1822 to Elizabeth McCARNELLE.
   James D. KEITH m. 14 Jan 1845 to Lucretia BYERS.
   Arabella KEITH m. 24 Feb 1845 to William H. MANN.
   Nathaniel C. KEITH m. 28 Mar 1860 to Maria S.(or L) HAMNER.
   Bettie M. KEITH m. 2 Jan 1865 to Benjamin F. GREGORY.
   Nannie S. KEITH m. 7 Feb 1867 to Henry GLENHAM.

   Lucy M. KEITH m. 9 Dec 1822 to James L. WATTS.

   Katty KEITH m. 5 Oct 1794 to Laurence LYNCH.

   John KIETH m. 26 Jul 1810 to Ann HEREN.

   Nancy KEETH m. 15 Dec 1788 to Joshua DALLAS.
   Collin B. KEATHm. 25 May 1841 to Eliza Jane CAMPBELL.
   Adeline KEATH m. 28 Nov 1842 to William E.HAWKINS.

   Zacharias KEATH m. 7 Apr 1791 to Rebecca WRIGHT.
   Jacob KEITH m. 30 Mar 1793 to Elizabeth MOSES.
   Walter KEITH m. 5 May 1796 to Mary CREAMER.

   James KEITH m. 17 Apr 1793 to Peggy HUFF.
   Mary KEITH m. 30 Jul 1817 to Samuel MERRIT.

   Margaret Ellen KEITH m. 10 Sep 1848 to Isaac MARTIN.
   Mary KEITH m. 18 Oct 1849 to John STARR.

   John KEITH m. 22 Aug 1793 to Mary Holden TALIAFERRO.

   Elizabeth KEITH m. 16 Mar 1819 to William R. DEARING.
   Harriet S. KEITHm. 13 Dec 1847 to Joseph O.STEWART.
   Marshall KIETH m. 22 Feb 1844 to Mary L. STEWARD.

   Alexander KEITH m. 16 Dec 1812 to Nancy JOHNSON.

   Mary KEITH m. 25 Jul 1789 to David DAVID.
   John KEITH m. 12 Dec 1791 to Elizabeth McMAHON.

   Thomas KEITH m. 23 May 1775 to Judith BLACKWELL.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 15 Feb 1786 to Taliaferro GRIGSBY.
   Hariet KEITH m. 26 Dec 1796 to William SKINKER, Jr.
   Judith KEITH m. 25 Aug 1806 to James NELSON.
   Tarlton F. KEITH m. 21 Sep 1810 to Elizabeth C. STONE.
   Charlotte A. KEITH m. 19 Dec 1810 to James BRIGGES.
   Susanna KEITH m. 8 Jan 1811 to John LYONS.
   Peyton KEITH m. 25 Jan 1811 to Judith Y. GIBSON.
   Lucy J. KEITH m. 14 Feb 1812 to John A. DAWSON.
   Mary KEITH m. 8 Oct 1814 to Nimrod BISHOP.
   James KEITH m. 12 Nov 1814 to Mary P.MORRIS.
   Susan T.KEITH m. 28 Jul 1817 to Thomas W. BRENT.
   Susan C.KEITH m. 18 Apr 1818 to David JAMES.
   Betsy KEITH m. 21 Dec 1820 to Thomas HILLARY.
   Eliza C. KEITH m. 15 Dec 1823 to Nicholas S.WEST
   Isham KEITH m. 27 Jan 1823 to Juliet CHILTON.
   Samuel KEITH m. 27 Sep 1830 to Sarah Ann FOLEY.
   John KEITH m. 22 Dec 1830 to Mary Ann BROWN.
   Judith S. KEITH m. 22 Feb 1841 to John W.PAYNE.
   Susan O. KEITH m. 5 Nov 1849 to John S.CLOPTON.

   Marsha KEITH m. 24 May 1842 to Milton SUTFIN.
   James KEITH, Jr. m. 12 Jan 1843 to Susannah SPENCE.
   Andrew J. KEITH m. 25 Jan 1844 to Lucinda SOWERS.
   Bashti KEETH m. 27 Nov 1845 to William PIKE.
   George KEETH m. 26 Jul 1848 to Rachael GORD.
   Levi KEETH m. 14 Sep 1848 to Elizabeth SUTFIN.
   Levi KEETH m. 20 Oct 1848 to an ALDERMAN.
   Greenberry KEETH m. 15 Oct 1850 to Temanelsa N.McPEAK.

   George KEITH, Jr. m. 5 jul 1796 to Betsey PITTS.
   Agnes KEITH m. 17 Jul 1805 to William JONES.
   Constance KEITH m. 19 Feb 1810 to David JONES.
   John KEITH m. 8 May 1823 to Leah EARLE.

   James KEITH m. 3 Jun 1786 to Mary ALKIRE.

   Ernest E. KIETH m. 15 Jul 1850 to Emiline MIERICH.

   John KEITH m. 29 Aug 1798 to Sarah TORBERT.

   Marshall M. KEETH m. 25 Mar 1831 to Susan E.GREGORY.

   (?) KEITH m. 22 Aug 1793 to Mary Holden TALIAFERRO.

   Kittering KEATH, m. 3 Jun 1788 Barnabas GULLION.
   James KEITH m. 17 Apr 1793 Peggy HUFF.
   Catherine KEITH m. 2 Dec 1812 to David PAGE.
   John KEITH m. 27 Dec 1825 to Mary RODGERS.

   James KEITH m. 8 Jul 1833 to Cary Ann MAYS.

   Alexander KEITH m. 13 Mar 1777 to Mary DENBY.

   Delilah KEITH m. 27 Jan 1831 to John ANTELL.

   Peyton KEITH m. 18 May 1803 to Sally PETTY
      (also shown in Richmond).

   James KEATH m. 20 Jan 1808 to Amy MORRISON.
   Nancy KEITH m. 20 Sep 1834 to John MAYES.
   William J. KEITH m. 31 Dec 1835 to Ann CLARK, dau. of Lucy.
   Malinda KEITH m. ca 1892 to Frank BRAMMER.

   John H. KIETH m. 22 Sep 1834 to Eliza M. PIERCE.

   Daniel KEITH m. 8 Feb 1787 to Elizabeth McALPHIN.
   Peyton KEITH m. 1803 to Sally PETTY (also shown in Orange Co).
   James KEITH m. 27 Sep 1809 to Elizabeth GORLY.
   Cathrine KEITH m. 9 Sep 1811 to John E. THURMAN
   Courtney KEITH m. 1 Jun 1818 to George B. PICKETT

   Daniel KEITH m. 13 Feb 1787 to Elizabeth McCALPIN.
   Hannah KEITH m. 25 Nov 1800 to Joel HAMER.
   Margaret KEITH m. 6 Feb 1797 to Enos HAMER.

   James P. KEITH m. 3 Jul 1866 to Sarah PRICE.
   Moranda L. KEITH m. 2 Jun 1869 to G. W. KINDRICK.
   Elizabeth KEITH m. 3 Apr 1871 to James L. JOHNSON.
   Malinda KEITH m. 26 Oct 1871 to Richard MINTON.
   Fanny KEITH m. 11 Jan 1872 to Robert JORDAN.
   Hiram KEITH m. 23 May 1872 to Elizabeth GRIZZLE.
   Andrew KEITH m. 5 Nov 1872 to Margaret SOUTHERLAND.
   Marinda J. KEITH m. 22 Dec 1872 to George M. HURD.
   Jackson KEITH m. 20 Jan 1874 to Juldy TAYLOR.
   James P. KEITH m. 8 Mar 1877 to Mary E. JESSEE.
   Margaret KEITH m. 31 Dec 1878 to William E. STINSON.
   Virginia KEITH m. 17 Mar 1881 to Samuel VICKARS.
   Nancy E. KEITH m. 18 Nov 1881 to Tazewell B. HURD.
   James KEITH m. 14 Mar 1882 to Margaret HANNON.
   Delilah KEITH m. 24 May 1882 to Elbert S. SALYER.
   Bettie KEITH m. 14 May 1884 to M. P. COCKRAM.
   Jack KEITH m. 26 Mar 1886 to Rebecca FIELDS.
   James KEITH m. 3 Dec 1887 to Mary C. JONES.
   Floyd D. KEITH m. 21 Nov 1888 to Mary J. CARPENTER.
   Priscilla KEITH m. 15 Feb 1890 to Peter W. B. DINGUS.
   Rachel KEITH m. 15 Sep 1890 to Thomas JESSEE.
   Mollie E. KEITH m. 7 Sep 1891 to George W. E. HARRIS.
   Mary Ellen KEITH m. 2 Nov 1891 to Nathan COOPER.
   Andrew KEITH m. 27 Jul 1896 to Lizzie HELTON.
   Kate KEITH m. 10 Feb 1898 to James RACHELS.
   Maggie KEITH m. 21 Sep 1898 to F. E. JESSEE.
   James B. KIETH m. 15 Sep 1846 to Nancy BILL.
   Burwell KEITH m. 18 Jan 1855 to Rebecca WOODWARD.
   William Alfred KIETH m. 15 Jan 1860 to Maria VanHOOK.
   Anderson J. KEITH m. 3 Dec 1866 to Mary E. LITTON.
   Mary A. KEITH m. 25 Nov 1869 to Jno. L. TAYLOR.
   James KEITH m. 29 Feb 1872 to Lucretia ARDEN.
   Sarah KEITH m. 28 Feb 1878 to William JOHNSON.
   Sarah J. KEITH m. 30 Nov 1882 to Martin MOORE.
   Mary Becky KEITH m. 25 Jul 1883 to John MOORE.
   Anderson Green KEITH m. 27 Aug 1890 to Mary A. DUNFEET.
   Abraham J. KEITH m. 13 Nov 1890 to Elizabeth ETTER.
   A. C. Bell KEITH m. 20 Sep 1892 to J. C. PRICE.
   Sarah E. KEITH m. 14 Dec 1893 to Charles H. LAWSON.
   Bud KEITH m. 23 Oct 1894 to Mary HELTON.
   Martha KIETH m. 2 Jun 1896 to George W. DAVENPORT.
   J. W. KEITH m. 6 Mar 1900 to Emma FLEENOR.
   Mary E. KEITH m. 31 Aug 1901 to Joseph C. DAVIS.

West Virginia

   Albert KEITH m. 10 Feb 1851 to Harriet M. TAYLOR.

   was home in 1860 to Manuel KEITH (b. ca 1796, Harrison Co., WV)
      m. Margaret, parents of James W. (b. 1824, Lewis Co., WV),
	  Andrew J.,  Robert M. (b. ca 1830), William W. and John (b. ca 1849).

   James KEITH m. 3 Jun 1786 to Mary, daughter of John ALKIRE
   James KEITH m. 23 Jun 1815 to Phebe, daughter of
      William and Rebeckah BENNETT
   Christina, daughter of James and Mary KEITH 
      m. 23 Sep 1805 to Alexander SLEETH

   Margaret KEITH m. 17 Dec 1817 to Thomas S. HACKER.
   Louisa J. KEITH m. 29 Jul 1834 to John PUGH.
   Rebecca M. KEITH m. 6 Feb 1840 to George M. RIDDLE.
   William B. KEITH m. 9 Mar 1843 to Rebecca P. DUVALL.
   Susan L. KEITH m. 31 Dec 1851 to John T. ELLIS.
   Matilda J. KEITH m. 12 Apr 1853 to William K. DENNISON.
   Sarah E. KEITH m. 16 Aug 1854 to Albert LAW.
   Susan E KEITH m. 13 Feb 1873 to Marcellus E. SHOULDIS.
   Rebecca E. KEITH m. 28 Aug 1879 to William W. COSNER.
   Joseph O. (b. 22 Jan 1857) m. 15 Apr 1880 to Serena J. COSNER.
   Floyd (b. 7 Jan 1886, Lewis Co., WV) m. Victoria EVERETT.
   Charles H (b. Apr 1877), illegitimate son of Mary A. KEITH.

Reconstructions from county marriage records:
   Merryman KEITH (b. May 1847) m. Lucinda MIZEL;
      d. 12 Jul 1918, Ritchie Co., WV.
   Merryman Holman (b. 25 Dec 1885) m. Rena; d.10 Sep 1935.
   Benjamin F. (b. ca 1854, Noble Co., OH) m. 1st 28 Oct 1875
      to Ellen CURRY, 2nd 28 Oct 1880 to Samira ALKIRE.
   Benjamin F., Jr. (b. Oct 1871, Noble Co., OH)
      m. 1 Jun 1895 to Isa B. McCLASKEY.
   Raymond W. (b. 7 Feb 1888, Ritchie Co., WV)
      m. 26 Dec 1908 to Mary VINCENT
   John (b. Feb 1856, OH) m. 1st 15 Sep 1874 to Nancy C.,
      dau of John and Sarah TRAINER; m. 2nd 23 Nov 1882 to
      Deborah EARSON; m. 3rd 26 Aug 1906 to Mary BLACKBURN.
   Adam Washington KEITH (b. ca 1860, Noble Co., OH) m.
      31 Dec 1881 to Libbie ALKIRE; d. 18 Apr 1930.
   McClellan KEITH (b. Jul 1862, Noble Co., OH) m. 6 Feb 1890 to
      Henrietta REED; had Ada M. (b. Nov 1890), Willis S. (b. ca
	  1865, Noble Co., OH) m. 1st 22 Sep 1887 to Tillie J. RICHARDS;
      m. 2nd 14 Nov 1914 to Maud CURRY; d. 31 Jan 1940, Ritchie Co., WV.
   Howard P. (b. 7 Jul 1899) m. Mary H. RAWSON; d. 18 Jun 1951; had
      Carl Donald (b. 30 May 1920), Willis Cameron (b. 18 Feb 1922).
   Frankie A. KEITH (b. ca 1867, Noble Co., OH) m. 20 Dec 1884 to
      Albert J. RICHARDS [appears to have m. 2nd to S. E. SATTERFIELD].
   Sylvan N. KEITH (b. Jul 1875) m.1st 27 Jan 1898 to 
      Stella RICHARDS; m. 2nd 1 Feb 1903 to Addie M. HULDERMAN.
   Clyde William KEITH (b. ca 1885; d. 11 Nov 1959) m. Maria REED;
      d. 17 Aug 1968.

   Herbert KEITH (b. ca 1877, Buffalo, NY) m. 14 May 1900
      to Dode DREW_GOLD.
   Loren Washington KEITH (b. ca 1866, Noble Co.,OH) m. 
      22 Mar 1903 to Kate Trout McGARVY.
   Viola KEITH (b. ca 1884, Ritchie Co., WV) m. 24 Jun 1910 to
      Charles F. ANDREWS. [She apparently was 1st m. to Charles Franklin KEITH].
   Roka KEITH (b. 1888, Ritchie Co., WV) m. 27 Apr 1911 to Walter CURRY.
   Minnie Mae KEITH (b. Noble Co., OH) m. 22 Jun 1912 to Schenkverg AHAMDT.
   Maurice KEITH (b. ca 1887, Baltimore, MD) m. 5 Aug 1912 to Josephine ROSS.
   William B. KEITH (b. 1857, Noble Co., OH) m. 27 Dec 1917 to Ella V. GASTON.
   Oma KEITH (b. 1900, Calhoun Co., WV m. 26 Sep 1921 to Raymond KIMBALL.
   Malcom KEITH (b. 1896, Ritchie Co., WV) m. 3 Jul 1924 to Zula Selma WILCOX.
   Herber Estel KEITH (b. 1909, Highland Co., OH) m. 13 Apr 1935 to Velda Belle WILT.
   Nora Audra KEITH (b. ca 1916, Calhoun Co., WV, d/o Jesse and
      Manda KEITH) m. 22 Aug 1937 to Clarence Russell GROGG.
   Edith KEITH (b. 18 Feb 1920, Calhoun Co., WV) m. 3 Jul 1941 to
      Chalmer O'DONNELL.
   Juanita Mae (Smith) KEITH (b. 28 Oct 1919 to David Wireman and
      Delilah F. SMITH) m. 27 Aug 1945 to Floyd Daniel RITCHIE.
   Leo Ronzel KEITH (b. 4 Nov 1923, Calhoun Co., WV, s/o F. E. and
      Beulah KEITH) m. Clara Maxine FLEAK.
   Lewis Lemoin KEITH (b. 19 Apr 1920, Dellonvale, OH, s/o Francis
      and Beulah KEITH) m. 23 May 1946 to Margarette Susin SINES
	  [other County records show Margaret as a SHORT].
   Lila Joan KEITH (b. 15 Jun 1930, Washington, WV, d/o Francis
      Edwin KEITH & 2nd wife, Aurellia) m. 6 Apr 1947 to Paul
	  Seebaugh MILLS. [she had brothers Lewis L, of Canton, OH, and
      Leo R. of Newark, OH, and sisters Lydia MUNDAY and Lulu WILSON].
   Patricia Ann KEITH (b. 9 Mar 1929, Parkersburg, WV, d/o Raymond &
      Marry KEITH) m. 6 Sep 1952 to Charles Samuel SHAFER.
   Jolene Jane KEITH (b. 25 Feb 1933, Parkersburg, WV, d/o Raymond &
      Mary KEITH) m. 15 Aug 1954 to J. W. McGUIRE.
   Ray Milton KEITH (b. 1 Aug 1930, Wood Co., WV, s/o Raymond &
      Mary KEITH) m. 26 Aug 1956 to Shirley Ann KELLAR.

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