Keith Wine

In 2003, I began communicating with Stefan Caspari, who manages the  Wilhelm Keith winery, in the Moselle valley of Germany. He marveled that the large number of U.S. and other tourists, bearing the surname of KEITH, who visit the winery while on tour of his famous wine region….all expressing interest in obtaining Keith wines in their home country. This interest provoked me to inquire into the possibility of arranging for importation of Keith wines, on behalf of Keiths in the US.

Stefan was kind enough to send a sample package, containing a bottle of their  Riesling Auslese with two imprinted glasses, in an attractive gift packaging (center  picture). In addition to this Riesling, the Keith winery produces a short list  of additional labels, including a Brut (several labels shown, below, with prices).

The importing of wine, as it turns out, is not simple, and the licensing  procedure is far and away too expensive to initiate for the small quantities we might order. I intended to locate an already operating  importer who would include a workable quantity of Keith wines in his regular  business with the Moselle producers. Alas, it was to no avail. Though some initially looked into the proposal, no importer has stuck with us. Meanwhile, the winery has come up with new packaging….the beautiful bottle you see at right, with label attacked by a cord…called “The Blue Keith”. Also, the Keith winery has begun exporting to England and Wales.

Though I can’t advocate the process (because US law frowns on trading in alcoholic stuff through the mail), there have been a few who obtained bottles of the Keith wines by having it sent direct (for one bottle the postage is 12 Euros, which is about $15 US). You can e-mail the winery’s manager, Stefan Caspari, at

If you are ever in Germany, bring back a bottle or two. You  can view the winery on the web site, at: , IF YOU READ GERMAN.