Can You Help Identify…?

The widow of John H. KEITH, son of Joseph H. and Mary (Hullenberger) KEITH, was Eleanor (Hill) KEITH. When she died, in 1907, a large contingent of their family gathered in Allen County, Ohio for the funeral. The photo below was made on that occasion, and only a few of the relatives pictured have been identified. If any of these individuals are your relatives, and correspond to photos in your family files, please let me know. e-mail to Eleanor Loomis Levine,


Identified, thus far, in this photo, are these relatives of John H. KEITH: daughter, Mary Mariah Keith BROLLIER (seated in center), and her husband, Jeremiah BROLLIER, on her right, with their son, Otto behind them (in hat); on Mary’s left, with small boy in lap is John’s son, Rezin Jasper KEITH, and his wife, Almeda, and their daughter, Dorothy, standing behind them. It is likely that other KEITHs are also shown, but not identified. Your help in this is appreciated.