Site Migration

I’ve moved the site off of my home server onto a site hosted by This means that I don’t have to worry about patching the  software and it also means that the site should be more secure.



One thought on “Site Migration

  1. Jim Vessels

    Wow…the work you must have gone to pulling all this info together !! I am related by being the greatgrandson of Malinda//Matilda Josephine Keith/Nail married to C.C. ( Charles Columbus ) Nail on Sept 14 , 1892 in Comanche Cty., Tx. They appear in the Comanche Cty 1910 census with a list of their kids.
    My Gramma was their firstborn , Mamie E (Ethel/Emma ??)Nail who married John Samuel Faulk, produced Hazel Lois Faulk/Vessels and she produced (with help from Herschel) me, Jimmy L. Vessels b.7/10/1942.



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